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Dragon Ball Z ep 64 - The Savage Reacoom!! He's Bad, He's Strong, He's Outrageous

Vegeta vs. Reacoom

Vegeta has managed to kill every one of Freeza's men he's come up against. Kewie, Dodoria, Appule, Zarbon, and now, Ghurd. But as the savage Reacoom steps forward, Vegeta remarks to Kuririn and Gohan that the real Hell begins now. Reacoom mockingly calls him "Vegeta-chan" as he moves in.

And of course, he strikes a Battle Pose
But Vegeta doesn't care for showmanship. 
 He releases his ki and flies at Reacoom!! 

In a flash, Vegeta subdues Reacoom. Kuririn and Gohan are stunned and amazed. Jheese and Butta cannot believe it - has little Veggie-chan truly killed off another member of the fearsome Ginyu Tokusentai?


Butta and Jheese aren't happy about their uniforms getting dirty.

Back at Freeza's spaceship, the space mafia boss considers what to do with Planet Namek once he has eternal life. It is a pretty common planet, so it wouldn't be worth renovating and selling. He briefly thinks it might be a good place to send exiles. But ultimately, he feels the most fitting end would be to turn it into fireworks. Glorious fireworks to celebrate his immortality.

Meanwhile, Reacoom shows Vegeta some of his techniques.

Reacoom Kick
 Reacoom Elbow!
Reacoom Pile-driver!
And of course, Reacoom Face Tank!

Reacoom is tired of playing with Vegeta. He can see why Freeza once adored him so, as he is a very tenacious little Saiyan. But if these are the extents of his power, he'd rather finish him off so Butta and Jheese can kill the two runts. So for his final attack, the Reacoom Eraser Gun!

But not if Kuririn and Gohan can help it...!!

Gohan grabs and saves Vegeta right before he is hit with the Eraser Gun (an attack which utterly decimates the Namekian countryside). But Vegeta isn't grateful. He curses Gohan, telling him if he had a chance to rescue him, he had a better opening to attack Reacoom! "Your softness makes me want to vomit!" (Vegeta, you're a fucking ass. And Gohan, you're five. Why are you even on this planet?)

As for Kuririn, he knocked Reacoom's mouth shut, causing some of the Eraser Gun to backfire in his own face.

Despite his grin, he isn't happy about it. 
In exchange for killing the runts, he owes Jheese and Butta chocolate parfaits. 

Gohan rushes to Kuririn's side. He pleas for him to shake it off. But it's too late. Every bone in Kuririn's body is shattered - he can't even move. Kuririn can scarcely believe it. All he can do is smile, sadly, as he considers everything he's been through. Even with the Grand Elder's power up, he's no match for the Ginyu Tokusentai. No one is. The chances of them getting the Dragon Balls from guys like these is next to zero, even with Goku's help. He is without hope.

But as Reacoom stares him down... 
... Gohan is burning with resolve...!!

Our friend AMF1390 reminds us that Yamcha is Filler King.
Maybe they should have resurrected Yamcha and made him immortal?

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