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Dragon Ball Z ep 65 - Don't Die, Gohan! Goku Finally Touches Down on the Battle Field

At last, all seven Dragon Balls are Freeza's. He feels something like joy...
So to celebrate, Commander Ginyu performs the Dance of Joy

But when Freeza calls upon the Dragon Balls to make him Eternally Young, nothing happens. The balls have no reaction. Freeza feels no different. Then he recalls something - something the second village Elder he met told him, after handing off his Dragon Ball; Even if he collected all seven balls, he will not get his wish. It dawns on Freeza -- there must be some trick! Some type of passcode or location or special arrangement! Something he's missing!! And if he's going to find out what he's missing, he'll need to find a Namekian to... "interrogate".


Nail stops mid-flight toward where Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegeta are fighting the Ginyu Tokusentai. An unease has washed over him. The Grand Elder will be visited by evil soon, and it is his duty to protect the Grand Elder above all else. He makes his way back home, with a inkling of Freeza's schemes on his mind...

Back on Earth, Chichi has a precognition of her own.
Something tells her that Gohan is in grave peril... 
So of course, she hijacks Dr. Brief's newest spacecraft. 
But her trip to Namek to save Gohan doesn't go as planned. 
Freeza really lucked out this time.

Chichi isn't wrong. With Kuririn and Vegeta beaten, it is up to Son Gohan to battle the savage Reacoom. For Piccolo, for Yamcha, for Tenshinhan, for Chaozu... to wish back those lost in the battle against Nappa, Gohan will go to any length. Even if it means his own death!

No matter what he throws at him, Reacoom is unaffected by Gohan's attacks. 
But he refuses to give in. 
"I... am... the son... of Son Goku..." 

With one swift blow, Gohan falls. His neck broken, his breathing shallow, even Chichi back on Earth can tell there isn't much time left for Gohan's life. He'll need a miracle in order to live...

 Lucky for him, something better than a miracle has just arrived.

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