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Dragon Ball Z ep 66 - Uncommon Strength!! Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan

And long, long last... Son Goku has come to Planet Namek

He leaves his spaceship, three Senzu Beans at his side, determined to find and make sure Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma are alive and well.
He senses Freeza and Commander Ginyu's impressive kis immediately. 
And horror-stricken, he feels the rapidly falling kis of Gohan and Kuririn. 
Three strong kis near them, Goku begs them to hold out until he arrives. 
Son Goku arrives on the battlefield like a bullet. 
And first and foremost, goes to his son's side. 
Jheese is impressed by Goku's speed, but Butta comments that his Battle Power is trash. 

Gohan awakens, fully healed by the Senzu Bean Goku forced down his throat, and begs his father to help them defeat the Ginyu Tokusentai. Goku smiles. "You must've had a tough time of it, huh?" "...I couldn't do anything." The father and son pair make their way over to Kuririn, and give him a Senzu as well. Vegeta and the Ginyus are stunned. Weren't those two near dead moments ago? But Kuririn feels they might as well remain as such. Even with Goku's help, he doesn't think they can take on the Ginyu Tokusentai. He makes to explain the situation, but Goku decides to figure it out on his own.

...By reading Kuririn's mind. 

Goku understands the whole story. Kuririn is amazed. When did Goku learn to do that?! Goku isn't sure, but just knew he could do it if he tried. He also knows now that Vegeta saved their lives.

Then he saves Vegeta's by tossing him a Senzu -- their last Senzu. Kuririn is outraged. If he thinks Vegeta will be helpful in defeating the Tokusentai, he's out of his mind! But Goku isn't counting on that. No, he wants to settle his score with Vegeta, which is why he rescued him. Indeed, Goku is planning on fighting these Ginyu guys without Vegeta's help. Without anyone's help.

Goku declares he will beat them on his own.
Reacoom declares "Fuck you".

Meanwhile, Vegeta is shitting himself.
He can sense no bloodlust in Goku. Only supreme calm.
Uncanny calm.
Could it be that Kakarotto, the son of a low class warrior...
... has surpassed Saiyan limits and become the legendary Super Saiyan?!
Once a millenia, legend says, a Super Saiyan will be born.
Could it be him, Kakarotto, who has done it? And not the gifted Prince?

Reacoom clearly doesn't give a shit, nor sense whatever Vegeta senses.
But Goku is too fast for his Reacoom Mach Punch.

Goku appears behind Butta and Jheese (only Vegeta manages to follow his movement), and gives them a warning; Leave this planet and he won't fight them. They try to strike out at him, but he quickly dodges them and stands in front of Reacoom once again - instantaneously, even. Reacoom decides that if this guy is going to talk big, he's going to walk big. Reacoom will use his most deadly finisher to take Son Goku down -- the Reacoom Ultra Fighting Miracle Bomber...!!

It doesn't work out in his favor.
"Sorry, sorry! You just left yourself so wide open, I couldn't help it!"

And with that, the powerful, savage Reacoom, who had taken out Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan without breaking a sweat (though losing some hair, clothes, and teeth) was beaten utterly. And all it took was one elbow in the gut from Son Goku. Has Goku truly surpassed the limit of an ordinary Saiyan?

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