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Dragon Ball Z ep 67 - Lightning Balls of Red and Blue! Butta and Jheese Attack Goku

Son Goku defeats Reacoom in a flash. Despite having bested Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan at their very strongest, the savage Ginyu Tokusentai member was no match for the new Goku. Goku warns his comrades to leave the planet, or suffer their friend's fate. Butta and Jheese are incredulous. Reacoom lost, sure, but only due to carelessness! Goku's Battle Power is measly compared to theirs!!

Jheese - the Red Magma! 
Butta - the Blue Hurricane! 
"So you ain't leaving, then?" 
Jheese and Butta launch at full speed toward our composed hero. 
And he doesn't even flinch. 

After an unsuccessful volley of ki attacks, Jheese and Butta land on either side of Goku. Why isn't he fighting back? Better yet, why can't they touch him?!

Jheese begins to have a monologue, when Goku socks him in the mouth.
"Why, you...!"
"Are you sure you guys ain't leavin' yourselves open too much?"
Furiously, Butta and Jheese attack!! 
But Goku easily shakes the pair off... 
And using a kiai shout, sends them flying...!! 

Back at Freeza's spaceship, Ginyu is testing new poses...
 ... by bribing Freeza's men with caramel.

Jheese and Butta attempt their combo attack - the Purple Comet. Though it fires off an impressive volley of ki attacks at our hero, Goku deflects them using nothing but his voice. Officially irritated, Butta devises a new plan of attack. He tells Jheese to throw his Crusher Ball - his most powerful attack - at him, and when Goku surely dodges it, Butta will hit him like a fucking tornado! Butta is the fastest in the universe, after all!!

Jheese throws it.
Goku elects not to dodge. 
And in the confusion, appears behind Butta. 

Gohan and Kuririn can't figure out what's happening. Goku's ki is definitely lower than Butta and Jheese, who are more or less as strong as Reacoom! The Scouters worn by the Ginyu Tokusentai duo tell them the same - mathematically, Goku shouldn't even be in the same league as them! But Vegeta has felt what the Scouters cannot detect. For a split second, the briefest of moments, Goku's power raises. It rises unfathomably large in those moments of defense or offense, then immediately returns to "normal"... as if Goku has found a new, perfect way to conserve his energy.

Exactly what happened to Son Goku when training at 100x gravity?!

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