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Dragon Ball Z ep 68 - At Last, a Direct Confrontation!! Commander Ginyu Takes the Field

"How did you get behind me?! Behind me, who prides himself on being the fastest in the universe!" Butta spits angrily.
"Then maybe you're second-fastest in the universe, ain't ya?" 

Kuririn, Gohan, and Vegeta watch Goku's battle with the Ginyu Tokusentai duo, Jheese and Butta, in complete awe. Though so powerful as to nearly kill Vegeta, Goku outruns the pair like they're a couple scrubs.

Goku finally decides to show them he can do more than outrun them.

In an instant, Butta is brought down by Son Goku. He tells Jheese to collect his comrades - Reacoom laying defeated from earlier, alive - and leave Planet Namek at once. Jheese does run away, but not with his comrades. Goku frowns. Not a very good friend... 

Vegeta, irritated that Goku would leave the Tokusentai alive, decides to take matters into his own hands.

Goku isn't pleased about it.

Vegeta is sickened by Goku's softness, and takes this as indication that he has not become a true Super Saiyan. Proud of his power he may be, Vegeta reckons he is still no match for Freeza. Even now, Freeza will have used the Dragon Balls to wish himself immortally young. But Kuririn doesn't think so. After all, on Earth when you summon Shen Long, the sky turns completely black. That's when it dawns on Goku! They must not know the password! The idiots think you just need to gather the seven balls! Haha, what dipshits. (Meanwhile, Vegeta is dumbfounded by the concept of a Shen Long.)

Commander Ginyu isn't happy to hear Jheese's report. Someone managed to defeat Ghurd, Reacoom, and Butta?! Rather than report such a shameful thing to Freeza, Ginyu elects to hide the Dragon Balls and take matters into his own hands.

Their poses are more tragic than cool with only two people. 

As Commander Ginyu and Jheese land upon the field of battle, Goku sends Kuririn and Gohan to find the Dragon Balls. They can tell that Freeza is making his way to the Grand Elder's place, which is very bad and very good. Good because the Dragon Balls are all-but unguarded. Bad because if Freeza kills the Grand Elder, in an effort to get the password, the Dragon Balls will die as well. Goku asks Vegeta to stay, and with his post-near death Saiyan hax power up, defeat Jheese.

But Vegeta decides "Fuck you". 

Now it is up to Goku alone to finish off the Ginyu Tokusentai!! 
Kuririn! Gohan! Bring back Piccolo and the others before it's too late!!!

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