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Dragon Ball Z ep 69 - Incredible Force!! Did You See Goku's Full Power?!

The battle between Commander Ginyu and Son Goku is hot underway...!!! With bodies brimming with masculinity, the two macho men clash to see who is mightiest...! Rippling purple muscles on pink, beaded with manly sweat, at speeds so fast even Jheese the Red Magma has trouble following! The greatest of the Ginyu Tokusentai has taken center stage... and it is he, that most handsome of horned gentlemen, COMMANDER GINYU!!!

... Sorry, all this Tokusentai is getting to my head.

Elsewhere, Vegeta is racing toward Freeza's spaceship to find the Dragon Balls as Ginyu and Goku take care of one another. His only obstacle are Kuririn and Gohan, who have headed to the Dragon Balls as well. Vegeta plans to take the password from them, summon the dragon, and gain eternal life. Then, he'll be strong enough to handle Freeza! Meanwhile, Bulma sees all seven balls are together, so decides to go after them as well... which is pretty stupid, for a genius.

Goku and Ginyu's manly battle continues to heat up...!! 
Ginyu takes a pause to show off his special fighting pose... 
... and that horrible monkey, Son Goku, emulates him!! 
 How embarrassing...!!
Despite being equals in strength, Goku has the edge in speed!
That is, until the Red Magma Jheese throws his Crusher Ball

But Commander Ginyu finds such tactics reprehensible! He releases Goku, and chucks a ki blast at Jheese (who barely dodges), warning him to never do such a thing again!! Ginyu realizes that Goku is holding back much of his true power. He figures that Goku is no ordinary Saiyan. He, like the Ginyu Tokusentai, must have been born an extraordinary mutant! (Nope, just had really awesome teachers.) He reveals to Goku that he, too, can conceal his true strength, and commands that Goku show him all his power - instead of "saving" it for Freeza. After all, his true strength should only be a little stronger, comparatively, than it is now.

Ginyu is confident his estimations of Goku's strength is accurate
Then Goku unleashes the Kaioken x10
... and Ginyu watches Goku's ki more than double...!!

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