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Dragon Ball Z ep 70 - What of the Battle's Outcome! Freeza's Evil Hand Closes Around the Grand Elder

Son Goku's true power is revealed. 
And Commander Ginyu isn't taking it very well. 

Goku's full power is several times larger than Ginyu could have predicted, and even stronger than Ginyu's own maximum power. Worst still for the remaining members of the Ginyu Tokusentai, Goku makes sure they know that he can still increase his strength several fold for brief periods utilizing the Kaioken x10. Freeza may indeed be the strongest in the universe, according to their Scouters, but Goku has reached a level far stronger than anything anyone else - Saiyan or not - has hitherto every attained. Ginyu thinks he must have reached that level...!! A Super Saiyan! Jheese cannot believe this - a Super Saiyan, the one being Freeza fears?

Now that they know they cannot win, Goku reminds them they are free to leave. He does not want a meaningless fight.

A meaningless fight? Ginyu chuckles to himself. This man isn't a Super Saiyan. He's powerful, sure, but he has none of the bite of a Saiyan. His body is, however, very strong...

As Bulma makes her way across Planet Namek, toward the Dragon Balls, she comes upon a Namekian Village. It's one of the many villages annihilated by Freeza. She stops and wonders about her own wish - to take herself back to Earth. The Dragon Balls can grant any wish, after all...

Meanwhile, Nail has returned to the Grand Elder's house. The Grand Elder wishes to know why he disobeyed his charge to assist the Earthlings. Nail says that his true purpose is to protect the Grand Elder at all costs. And if he dies, the Earthlings will not get their wish anyway. The Grand Elder accepts this, but in turn, he gives the Earthlings a new companion.

He draws out Dende's hidden potential, and sends him to aid our heroes. 

Elsewhere, Kuririn and Gohan can't find Bulma or the Dragon Radar
Given that this might be their only chance to get all seven balls, her timing couldn't be worse. (Though her aim at that Yamcha dartboard is pretty good. I wonder if they sold those at the Tenka-ichi Budokai?)

At long last, Freeza arrives in front of the Grand Elder's house. Nail greets the mafia don with an impassive glare. Freeza politely explains his situation; He has gained the seven Dragon Balls, and now would like to claim his wish. Nail calmly tells Freeza that he cannot tell him how, as he has evil intentions. Freeza isn't happy with this answer, and decides to ask the person inside the building.

But first, the last three Namekian Warriors make their stand. 
It goes about as well as you might expect.

Nail watches in horror as his brothers die. 
And again as Freeza decides to let himself in...

The Grand Elder is no more accommodating to Freeza than was Nail. Freeza politely asks if his lips would be looser were he to torture Nail. The Grand Elder tells him he'll have no easy time of it, if he does choose that route. Nail was, and is, the strongest Namekian.

Grand Elder leaves the critical job to Nail, his trusted bodyguard and son. 
Stall Freeza for as long as he can...!!! The Earthlings must make their wish!

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