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Dragon Ball Z ep 71 - Surprise!! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku

In an effort to stall Freeza, Nail convinces him to leave the Grand Elder far behind for their battle. His guise is simple - if the Grand Elder dies from their conflict, it will be bad for both of them. Freeza does not imagine their fight will last long enough for this to matter, but chooses to indulge the final Namekian warrior anyway. As Nail powers up his ki, Freeza is actually quite impressed by his Battle Power rating! He is much stronger than any Namekian he has seen so far. Indeed, he's about as strong as Freeza's left arm.

"I call her 'Jill'."
"You know neither of us have genitals, so that joke doesn't work, right?"

As promised, Freeza takes down Nail utilizing nothing but his left hand.

But don't count the Namekian warrior out yet!

Meanwhile, Bulma bitches at Gohan and Kuririn for having a plot without her.
"Who do you think I am, Yamcha?!" 

As they take the Dragon Radar and leave to obtain the seven Dragon Balls from Freeza's spaceship, Gohan tells Bulma that his father has finally arrived - and he's much stronger. Bulma is left wondering if she made the wrong choice in boyfriend. All she and Yamcha do is fight (plus he died trying to save the Earth - icky), while Goku grew up to have a really hot body.

Commander Ginyu of the Ginyu Tokusentai agrees.

Which is why he smashes up his own body... 
 ... and switches bodies with Son Goku!

Reintroducing Commander Ginyu!
The Saiyan from Earth! Except not! 
He and Jheese fly back to Freeza's spaceship... 
... leaving Goku to worry about how angry Chichi is going to be when she sees his new face.

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