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Dragon Ball Z ep 72 - Come Forth Super Shen Long!! Grant Me My Wish

Meanwhile, at Freeza's spaceship...

Vegeta has at last arrived at his former boss's HQ. Freeza's mooks are reluctant to tell him where the Dragon Balls are located, so Vegeta uses standard military advanced interrogation techniques; He murders them in cold blood. He elects to wait until Kuririn and Gohan arrive and find the balls with their Dragon Radar. Once they've summoned Shen Long, he'll end their lives and make his wish for immortality. But little does he know, Ginyu, Jheese, and Son Goku are all on their way to Freeza's ship as well.


There is a hole in Vegeta's plan - and Kuririn and Gohan's as well. The incantation to summon Shen Long doesn't work with the Namekian Dragon Balls! But instead of, I dunno, immediately gathering up the Dragon Balls and flying away as quickly as possible... Gohan and Kuririn sense two evil ki approaching and decide the best thing to do is stand around and drool on themselves. (Gohan, you're supposed to be the smart one. I am disappoint.)

Commander Ginyu and Jheese arrive.

In spite of "Goku's" unfamiliar voice, his lack of knowledge in how the Dragon Balls work, his donning of a Scouter, evil ki, and friendly status with Jheese, Kuririn approaches him happily. This is the dumbest moment of Kuririn's life.

And he pays for it.

Introducing The Red Magma... JHEESE!!
And Commander of the Ginyu Tokusentai... GINYU!!

Ginyu explains that their friend had a very powerful body, so he decided to switch. Kuririn refuses to believe it, thinking Goku's been controlled. Gohan (returning to his role as the smart one) can tell that Ginyu isn't his father, and that he isn't lying about taking over his body. Vegeta watches from the shadows, cursing how this situation just went from bad to worse.

Suddenly, Son Goku arrives.
The sight traumatizes the five-year-old boy forever.

Goku has shocking news for Commander Ginyu. His own ability to read ki has been hindered by this unfamiliar body. So if he isn't used to Ginyu's body, then Ginyu must not be used to Goku's! In other words, that great strength of Goku's can never belong to Ginyu! He can't even do the Kaioken!! Without body and mind connected, Ginyu hasn't a hope of beating Gohan and Kuririn.

Ginyu gathers his ki in hopes of disapproving Goku's theory!!!

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