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Dragon Ball Z ep 73 - That Ain't Me! Gohan, Don't Lose Your Nerve, Hit Your Father!!

The mighty last warrior son of Planet Namek, Nail, stands up to Freeza despite the vast difference in their power. If he can only manage to hold Freeza off, Dende can make it to the Earthlings and get them their wish from the Dragon Balls. But should Nail not succeed, or if the Grand Elder dies, Freeza could very well destroy both the Earthlings and the planet itself. 

Meanwhile, Son Goku was right. (And as someone who isn't right about most things, that's saying something.) Commander Ginyu may have taken Goku's body using his Body Change technique, but his lack of balance between body and mind makes him unable to utilize Goku's full potential. The leader of the Ginyu Tokusentai is in shock to hear that, despite all his scheming, he's not even as strong as Kuririn and Gohan.

Pay back's a bitch, ain't it, Ginyu? 

With some encouragement from Kuririn, Gohan is able to cast aside his attachments to his father's face, and aid in the utter beat down of Freeza's second-in-command.

Furiously, Ginyu shouts for his own "number 2" to help him fight the runts. Unfortunately for the Ginyu Tokusentai's future two-man business model, Jheese finds himself up against a thoroughly just-recovered-from-the-brink-of-death-power-up'd Vegeta.

Oh poop.

As Commander Ginyu finally gets a feel for Son Goku's body, Son Goku is beginning to become rather acquainted with Ginyu's body! In order to prevent a further power up, Goku joins in the fray. 

Despite being roughly as strong as Reacoom, Jheese cannot stand up to Vegeta after his Saiyan hax Senzu Bean. (Friend of the blog Lindsay would like to credit this fight to Karin-sama and genetics instead of Vegeta.) Vegeta sends him to oblivion, adding another of Freeza's minions to his list of kills since his introduction to the series. (Nameless bug people soldiers, bug people king, entire bug planet, Nappa, Kewie, Dodoria, Namekian Villagers, Appule, Zarbon, Ghurd, Butta, Reacoom, generic Freeza minions, and finally Jheese.

Goku shouts that he's gone too far, disposing of Jheese like that. But Vegeta is confident that he's becoming something Kakarotto cannot become. No, Kakarotto is too soft to do it, yet he, the Prince of Saiyans, continues to grow ever stronger with every bout. He will become that which Freeza fears most! The title of Legendary Super Saiyan will be Vegeta's to hold!!!

And to prove it, he'll take care of Commander Ginyu.

Oh poop.

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