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Dragon Ball Z ep 74 - Whoops!! Ginyu Has Turned into a Frog

Commander Ginyu's plan was seemingly full-proof. As Vegeta confidently flew at him, ready to make the final blow, Ginyu had begun his signature technique, Body Change. His objective was to steal Vegeta's body, leaving Vegeta in Son Goku's utterly battered body. Then Commander Ginyu could use Vegeta's incredible strength to finish off Gohan, Kuririn, and Goku.

Unfortunately for the Commander, Goku is a quick study.
(When it comes to techniques, not human anatomy.)
Leaping in the way of Ginyu's Body Change, Goku gets his own body back. 

And then, Goku makes to teach Ginyu a lesson with a Kamehameha!!
... or not.

Vegeta jets back into the fray, ready to take Ginyu down. 

Ginyu goes with the flow. He "lets" (or rather decides it's for the best, but has no choice anyway) Vegeta pound the living shit out of him, with the plan that he'll just swap bodies with him anyway. But once again, as Ginyu makes to cast his most dangerous of techniques, Goku is way ahead of him...

In a flash, Goku tosses a frog between Ginyu's attack and Vegeta, and Ginyu and the Namekian frog swap bodies. Entirely harmless in this amphibious state, Vegeta decides to let Ginyu escape with his life. With that, the Ginyu Tokusentai have all been defeated by a tag-team effort between Goku and Vegeta.


(Not pictured - Jheese. Because Vegeta vaporized him.)

Though Vegeta could easily kill Goku, Kuririn, and Gohan with the state Goku is in, he won't. Right now, his focus is Freeza, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As such, he offers to give Goku medical attention (also it's a good excuse for him to touch Kakarotto's hard and wet body ;D) aboard Freeza's spaceship.


Vegeta has Goku get into a Medical Machine - the type of which we've seen heal Vegeta twice, and Bardock once, yet only now have a name for it. (And is essentially the same machine that heals Luke in Empire Strikes Back.) Kuririn asks how long it will take (though, he does think it's mondo cool), and Vegeta imagines Goku should take 40 to 50 minutes to fully heal.

Meanwhile, Freeza is beginning to grow impatient with Nail's obstinacy.
But beat him as much as he likes, Nail will not tell him the password.

Back at Freeza's spaceship, Vegeta gives Gohan and Kuririn some battle armor like what he and Nappa wore on Earth. He explains how his armor is an older model, because they don't have any newer models, like theirs, in his size. He then goes onto contradict this statement by explaining that these armors can expand to any size. (As his did when he became an Oozaru back on Earth.) So which is it, Vegeta? Can they expand to any size or do they come in certain sizes? Because my brain is telling me they can't do both.

Gohan and Kuririn quite like the protective yet springy and light armor.

With an hour or so until Goku will be back in commission, our heroes last hope are the Dragon Balls. Realizing the risks, Kuririn decides to leave for the Grand Elder's place, to obtain the incantation to summon Planet Namek's Shen Long. (Why couldn't Grand Elder tell him 5 days ago when he was at his fucking house the first time? "Oh, by the way, Earth man. You need our special incantation and our language to make the wish. Lemme teach you a bit.") He leaves Gohan to watch over the balls, Goku, and Vegeta.

Vegeta realizes then that he hasn't slept since Zarbon beat the crap out of him. 
And he's all out of space meth.

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