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Dragon Ball Z ep 75 - Thou Who Hast Gathered the Seven Balls... Now Speak Forth the Password

Protector of the Innocent! 
Champion of Justice! 
The Strongest in the Universe... Son Gohan...!!
(And some fans say they never saw this coming...

Vegeta catches Gohan in the middle of his possibly Ginyu Tokusentai-inspired posing (the kid is thoroughly enjoying his new Saiyan Freeza Armor). Having not had a rest in several days, Vegeta tells Gohan to keep a close eye on the Dragon Balls, as he'll be inside taking a nap. Yup.

("Hello, Kakarotto, my sexy friend..."
(Now he can snuggle against his crush, and no one can stop him.

Vegeta thinks 30 minutes should be a long enough nap. (Who the fuck takes a 30 minute nap?) Then, he can guarantee the use of his full power against Freeza. As he lays down against Goku's Medical Machine to sleep, he imagines that the next time he opens his eyes, he'll be gaining eternal life and youth. That will make for good dreams. (Plus, a wet Kakarotto inches away from him, at his mercy. ;D)

Freeza looks over the pitiful Nail with smug dominance. What is it about him that thinks he can keep fighting? Is it because all his friends are dead? Freeza doesn't particularly care. As far as he's concerned, he's more than proven his superior strength, and the intelligent thing for Nail to do would be to give him the password. Nail tells him to piss off.

Lording over the broken Nail, Freeza makes another attempt at interrogation. 
And Nail laughs at him. 
Nail tells him it won't matter if he gets the password or not. 
Dende, by now, will have already given it to the Earthlings. 

(He mad, bro.

Meanwhile, Commander Ginyu has a froggy adventure!
Loyal to the end, Ginyu.

On his way to meet up with the Grand Elder, Kuririn runs into Dende - who was on his way to meet up with them anyway. Together, the two make their way back to Gohan. Gohan explains about Vegeta's nap, and Kuririn reckons stealth is now their best option. Taking care that Vegeta won't notice, Kuririn, Gohan, and Dende steal the Dragon Balls...!!

At last, Dende speaks the password.
The Namekian Dragon, Porunga, only responds to Namekian!

Speak thy three wishes to Porunga!!!

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