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Dragon Ball Z ep 76 - Kami-sama Also Returns to Life! Piccolo is Resurrected by Super Shen Long

Super Shen Long, Porunga, has at last been summoned.

He offers to grant any three wishes within his power. For their first wish, Kuririn and Gohan ask Dende to have Porunga bring back their friends who died against the Saiyans; Yamcha, Chaozu, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo. Porunga says he cannot. He may only return one life per wish. (Clearly, the original Dragon Balls aren't all they're cracked up to be.)

Yamcha argues since he died first, he should come back first.
(I'm not even joking.

But Piccolo takes it upon himself to make the decision. 

Using Kaio-sama to contact Gohan, Piccolo asks to be brought back to life first. For if he is alive, Kami-sama will return, and so will Shen Long. Using Shen Long, they can then wish the others back to life. (Well, not Chaozu, anyway. But no one seems all-too-concerned about Chaozu. Not even Chaozu.) For their second wish, Piccolo requests to be brought to Planet Namek, his home world... so he can beat the snot out of Freeza.

"Have you forgotten the promise you made to me?! That you would never fight against Freeza?!" Kaio-sama spits angrily.
"I must have. I don't remember making such a promise. Unfortunately, my memory isn't that great."

Atop the Heavenly Realm of Planet Earth, Kami-sama returns, to a tearful Mr. Popo. Kami thanks Popo for his role in getting everyone to Namek, and for his work maintaining the temple in his absence. 

But on Namek, the Child of Katattsu, spawn of Piccolo Daimao...
... has at last come home.

Piccolo feels a strange nostalgia as he looks around the home he once knew in a past life. His home. He wishes to see and stand against the monster who committed genocide against his people - and Freeza's ki isn't at all difficult for him to suss out.

Vegeta snaps awake suddenly, feeling the frightening Battle Power of Freeza racing toward them. He looks to see Son Goku, still healing in the Medical Machine. Bad timing. He'll need to use the Dragon Balls quickly, if he hopes to gain eternal life and use it to defeat Freeza.

... Why is it night on Namek, he wonders. Oh right. The dragon. Fuck.

In a towering rage, Vegeta stomps onto the island where Kuririn, Gohan, and Dende so cleverly took the Dragon Balls as Vegeta napped. He grasps Dende around the collar, shouting that their third and final wish is his, and his alone. Make him eternally young!! Seeing no other way around it, Kuririn tells Dende to do it, despite his better judgment. (Really? Why not make yourself eternally young, Kuri? Or Piccolo? Or Gohan? Or ask Porunga to heal Goku? Seriously guys, get your shit together.)

 But Porunga never has a chance to grant Vegeta's wish.
The dragon god turned to smoke, the Dragon Balls turned into stone. 
And the Grand Elder's heart beats no longer. 

But there's no time for Vegeta to get angry.
Nor for thoughts of Goku and Piccolo joining them.

Lord Freeza has arrived.
"You have really done it now, haven't you, gentlemen?"

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