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Dragon Ball Z ep 78 - A Nightmare Super-Transformation!! Freeza's Battle Power of One Million

Freeza is so disappointed in Vegeta. He always favored the Saiyan Prince, even as a boy. If only Vegeta had continued to submit to him, he would now be at the side of the universe's immortal ruler. Instead, he will witness the horror of a transformed Freeza. A power that not even the King Vegeta, the prince's father, witnessed in his final hours. They are unfortunately alike, Freeza recalls. Not only in appearance, but in the bad habit of standing up to him. 

24 years ago.... on the Planet Vegeta
King Vegeta is informed by an underling that the Planet Tapp is not be theirs for 3 days. 
Despite their promise to Freeza, the Tappians are putting up a strong resistance. 
The King is not pleased to hear this news. 
And punishes accordingly. 

Freeza enters the room, remarking on how King Vegeta is as barbaric as ever. He does not mind waiting three more days. Indeed, in three days time, King Vegeta can bring him his son, Prince Vegeta, along with the good news of Planet Tapp's capture. 

Not to worry, of course. Freeza promises not to spoil the boy. 

Unwilling to obey Freeza any longer, King Vegeta meets in secret with some of his most elite fighters. (Wait, is that Nappa and Raditz?)

3 days have passed. 
And the day where Bardock's crew assaults Planet Meat has arrived. 
The King and his men hope to celebrate a different victory than Tapp. 
"I'll kill you, and rule the universe myself!" King Vegeta exclaims.
"Are you sure it is that simple?" Freeza asks.
"Are your men not trembling with fear even now?" 
"Aw, crap." 
In a flash, the mighty King of Saiyans falls. 
And so, too, does the Planet Vegeta. 

But if Vegeta insists on going against Freeza so much that he would ruin his dream of eternal life, then he will meet his father's fate. And unlike King Vegeta, Prince Vegeta will bare witness to Freeza's Godly Transformation... in which his Battle Power is One Million! (Whatever that means.)

Vegeta, Kuririn, Gohan, Dende, and even Piccolo, faraway as he still is, can each sense that Freeza is not blustering about his Battle Power. He is truly deadlier and more terrible than ever. It is no longer about winning the fight, but surviving it.

For his first victim, Freeza selects Kuririn, who only manages to get Dende out of the way before he is ran-through by the tyrant's horn.

Elsewhere, Bulma complains that bad things only happen to her.

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