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Dragon Ball Z ep 79 - Is This The End?! A Brutally Transcendent Power Attacks Gohan

Bulma is having a really rough time of it on Planet Namek. She hasn't bathed or had a bed in nearly a week, and its been hours since she last saw Kuririn or Gohan. She's been chased by dinosaurs, fought giant crabs, Generic Freeza Minions, and it has been at least a week since she's been laid. (Err, sorry, I meant "year", Yamcha x Bulma fangirls.

Then she sees a rock formation that reminds her of Kuririn. 
The nerve of him! What stupid thing is he wasting time doing now?! 

(Just being impaled by the universe's most powerful mafia boss. NBD.)

Yamcha isn't having a good time of it, either. 

Frustrated at once again being reduced to filler having to stand by and wait while Kuririn, Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo risk their lives, Yamcha takes out his impatience on Kaio-sama's planet. He also hasn't been laid in a week* (Sorry, meant "year", again. Silly me.) and is, y'know, dead. Tenshinhan and Chaozu encourage him to join them in training, so that should they get the chance to fight this story arc on Namek, they'll be ready. (Oh, poor optimistic Ten and Chao. They really have only been in the story for a few arcs, haven't they? They'll learn.)

Freeza throws Kuririn's body aside, letting his limp form fall into the watery abyss below. As Kuririn passes out from blood loss, he laments that he was never married. Gohan makes futile attempts to rescue Kuririn, only to be stopped by Freeza at every turn. (But unknown to Freeza, Gohan hadn't taken his medicine that day.) Gohan finally snaps.


Vegeta watches in amazement as Gohan pummels Freeza in a mindless fury. He had been critical of the Earthlings already, saying that Kuririn was attacked needlessly because he worried about Dende's safety before his own. And he recalls how the humans Nappa fought on Earth all had the same suicidal tendency for self sacrifice. But now, Vegeta is forced to admit to himself that Gohan may be further to achieving Super Saiyan than either he or Kakarotto. (And it's due entirely to his strong emotions for Kuririn - make note of this for later episodes.)

Luckily for Kuririn, Dende had the chance to save him as Gohan beat the tar out of Freeza.

"You aren't an ordinary brat, are you? Even I found that a little painful!" 

But as Freeza distracts himself with Gohan, Vegeta let's his own power flow forth! 
"Don't be in such a hurry, Vegeta..." Says an utterly unharmed Freeza.
"Once I finish with the brat, I'll have plenty of time to play with you." 
Vegeta's spirit is broken. 

Struggle as he might, Gohan's temporary burst of power was just that - temporary. Now he is left to suffer the furious wrath of Freeza...!!


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