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Dragon Ball Z ep 80 - The Tide Suddenly Turned!! Piccolo, the Warrior Who Came Late

Freeza is close to killing Gohan. Vegeta is left high above their battle, locked and trembling with fear. Freeza taunts him, offering him a chance to save Gohan's life if he only attacked. But Vegeta knows it is futile - and he cares little for Gohan's safety anyway. It's his own fate he cares about.

When suddenly--!!
Kuririn, motherfucker

Kuririn is back to full health, despite being inches from death mere moments before! And he unleashes a flurry of Kienzan at Freeza! (Who's useless now, bitch? Oh right, still Yamcha Vegeta.)

("Why don't you use those lady lips to suck my dick?"

Freeza is hopping mad, and ignores Gohan completely as he chases after Kuririn - just what our favorite monk wanted! But Kuririn knows he can't stand up to Freeza one-on-one, so he weaves through a mountain side, dashing and darting from the angry mafia don at every turn. He's buying time. But for what?

At last, Freeza catches up to Kuririn, and threatens to pull him apart piece by piece.


(This is the perfect chance to use a Kienzan, buddy. I'm pretty sure a blind Freeza can't survive decapitation.)

Kuririn jets over to Vegeta, and shouts for him to attack now! But Vegeta is too distracted by what's going on with Gohan and Dende...

Dende's power unlocked by the Grand Elder is none other than healing capabilities! How convenient! Vegeta shouts at Kuririn for not telling him about Dende's abilities sooner, but Kuri swears had they known, they'd have used him to heal Goku. (Uh, he still CAN, y'know...) Regardless, Gohan is back in action, and like every Saiyan before him...

He's stronger than ever.

But before Gohan can reenter the fray, someone else gets between him and Freeza. Someone big, someone green. (Someone Big Green.) Someone with a ki that would make Freeza shit himself, if he had his Scouter.


Vegeta insults the Earthling's choice in a wish - bringing back the scum that couldn't even defeat Nappa. Piccolo, without so much as turning to look at Vegeta (because he's a fucking BAMF) tells him that once he's killed Freeza, he's next. Kuririn and Gohan can't believe it when Piccolo announces his plan to fight Freeza on his own. Surely, no matter what training he did with Kaio-sama, he can't really be strong enough to take on Freeza??

As Piccolo lands, Dende notices how very like Nail he looks. Piccolo tells Dende to find a place to hide, lest he be caught in their cross fire. Dende wonders how this mysterious Namekian knows his name. Unbeknownst to him, within the Child of Katattsu lies the spirit of his brother Nail... the last Namekian Warrior. (Guys, I'm sorry, but Namekians are the fucking coolest EVER.)

The Lord of the Demon Clan is now the Namekian Spirit of Vengeance...!!!

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