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Dragon Ball Z ep 81 - Piccolo's Self-Confidence! I Will Be the One to Defeat Freeza

Kaio-sama, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Kuririn, and Vegeta each see Piccolo's confident proclaimation, "I will be the one to defeat Freeza!", as equally fool-hearty. His ki may have mysteriously increased several times since he arrived on Planet Namek (Kaio-tachi doesn't seem to be wondering why...), but there's no way he can stand up to the terror of Freeza. And if he dies, then Kami-sama and Shen Long will die, ending the Earthling's one chance at salvation. 

But Gohan believes he knows better than them (if the rest of the Freeza Saga is any indication, he does).  His Sensei never faces an opponent without knowing their full strength. (He learned from his father's mistakes, evidently.) If Piccolo believes he can beat Freeza, then Gohan believes it too.

(Props again to the toddler.)

Despite everyone's nay-saying, Piccolo and Freeza appear to be evenly matched! No matter what attack Freeza throws, Piccolo can dodge and counter with equal ferocity. Freeza is quite impressed such a Namekian can exist.

But Vegeta still isn't sold on Piccolo's chances, and takes the opportunity to reveal his new finishing technique.

Runaway-Like-A-Bitch Fist
Piccolo makes no effort to stop Freeza from pummeling the cowardly Vegeta.
(A lot of people think Vegeta's name is a pun on "Vegetable", but it's actually Vagina. Because he's a pussy.)

As Dende watches Piccolo battle it out with Freeza... 
... he senses a startling presence within the Namekian from Earth!! 
His big brother, Nail
"You've become a giant, and you're using both hands, yet this is the best you can do?" 
"That voice...?!" 
Can Piccolo defeat Freeza after all?!

Why did Vegeta cross the road?
Because he's a little bitch.

How many Vegetas does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
It takes Piccolo, because Vegeta's a little bitch.

Freeza and Piccolo walk into a bar.
And Vegeta leaves because he's a little bitch.

Why is Vegeta so angry?
Because he's having his period.
Because he's a pussy.
And a little bitch.

Your momma's so fat that Vegeta's a little bitch.

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