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Dragon Ball Z ep 82 - Attack, Goku!! An Enraged Freeza's Second Transformation

In the battle between Piccolo and Freeza, Piccolo has taken the upper-hand with his superior speed. But the limits of Freeza's powers are boundless.

Freeza suddenly bursts forward with more speed than Piccolo can compete with! He compliments Piccolo on his power thus far, however, and apologizes for not taking him seriously from the beginning.

Meanwhile, Vegeta pees himself.
("I'm going to need a change of spandex.")

Piccolo follows Freeza's example, and decides to make this fight more genuine. 
That's a lot of fury.

But Freeza is as tenacious as ever...
"You seem to be laboring under some false impression of my true power." 
And then the galactic mobster announces he has two transformations remaining. 
And with every transformation comes another massive leap in power!
Freeza promises to give to Piccolo what he gave to Vegeta and the others... complete terror.
Godly Transformation, Mark II. 

Kuririn, "H-he hasn't changed all that much, has he?"
Shut the fuck up, Kuririn.

Utterly unable to defend himself from Freeza's ki assault, Piccolo is rendered helpless. Furiously, Son Gohan leaps forward to save his master from the tyrant's wrath. But no matter how much power Gohan can summon up in his rage, can it be enough to kill Freeza?

Vegeta has another plan. 
(Since running away won't work.)
If Kuririn can blast him half to death... 
... Dende can heal him, as he did Gohan, and give Vegeta a substantial power boost!
And then, he will surely become a Super Saiyan!!
... Right?

(Wait... where is Goku in this episode? Why is it called "Attack, Goku!!" when he's just chilling in the Medical Machine? Also, why hasn't Dende healed Goku yet? What is wrong with you people?)

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