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Dragon Ball Z ep 83 - Fear Me!! Freeza Does Battle With a Third Transformation

Freeza retaliates against Piccolo - who had nearly beaten him in his Second Form - by unleashing the fury of his Third Form. Incensed, Son Gohan flies toward their battle with all his ki unlocked by the Grand Elder, and the Saiyan power boost via Dende's healing, coursing through his very veins.

But despite having more power than anyone else on the battle field, Gohan still isn't strong enough to kill the tyrant on his own. (Spoiler alert: This is Gohan's eventual lot in life. Enjoy it now while it's novel.)

Freeza is slightly disturbed. This child could hardly stand up to his Second Form, yet here he is, giving his Third Form a run for its money. Then he dawns on him -- this brat is a Saiyan!! But whose child is he? Only Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz were left alive 24 years ago. And he doesn't look like either Vegeta or Nappa. Then it occurs to Freeza that... something about this boy... reminds him of Raditz... (Is it that he's been around for 83 episodes and hasn't won a fight?) So that must be it! This brat is the son of Raditz!!

Deciding it best to end the line of Saiyan blood here and now, lest even more powerful children are born, Freeza promises to show them the true horror of his final, true form. Not that Freeza is afraid of Super Saiyans or anything... Pfff. Stupid legends.

Kuririn imagines what Freeza's next Transformation may look like. 

Out of options, Kuririn does as Vegeta requested in the last episode, and injures Vegeta within an inch of his life. With his own power boost imminent from Dende's healing, Vegeta might well become a Super Saiyan!
Gohan takes Piccolo for healing as well. 
There is a wrench in Vegeta plan, however; Dende won't heal him. 
Piccolo thanks Dende, but then tells him he should heal Vegeta as well. 
"Right now, I can beat Vegeta, but not Freeza." 
 And so, Dende does as asked, and revives Vegeta.
And gets promptly kicked in the face.
The final showdown is here at last...!!

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