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Dragon Ball Z ep 84 - The Death of Dende... Come Forth! Intense, Wide-Open Power

Kuririn is surprised. Despite everything, Freeza's "true self" is incredibly simple-looking. But Piccolo says he is all the more deadly because of it; a true example of never judging your opponent based on their appearance. After all the trouble they went through to revive him with the Dragon Balls, Piccolo mournfully apologizes to them... He cannot save them now.

Meanwhile, Kaio-sama predicts that Freeza now has enough power to destroy the entire universe. (So, uh, no pressure, guys.)

In a flash too quick for anyone to follow, Dende is the first to fall...! 
"There will be no more revivals." Says Freeza coldly.

After throwing their all at Freeza, the tyrant dodges and takes aim...
 ... at Gohan!

Gohan thanks Vegeta for rescuing him, but Vegeta insists he didn't do it for him. He wants to show them all something good...

Piccolo is surprised Vegeta could follow Freeza's movements, when less than 10 minutes ago he was a total pussy.

But things have changed for Vegeta. 
After millennia asleep, the strongest warrior in the universe is reborn.  
He, the Prince of Saiyans, possesses that great strength as his birth right. 
The only thing that Freeza was every truly afraid of... 
... stands in front of them all this day!! He, Prince Vegeta... 
The Legendary Super Saiyan!!! 

"Be grateful you don't have a Scouter with you!" Vegeta taunts Freeza.
"If your Scouter were to read my Battle Power now, you wou--"
"... I made peepee..."

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