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Dragon Ball Z ep 85 - How I've Waited for this Moment!!! Son Goku Revived

"As I recall, you said something about being a Super Saiyan. If you are as you say, does that mean this is the best 'the strongest in history' can do?"

Has Vegeta reached his limit, he wonders? Surely by now he should be a Super Saiyan, yet he cannot keep up with Freeza's speed. Is he a Super Saiyan? Has he reached his limit? Or is Freeza an opponent a Super Saiyan cannot beat?

He isn't satisfied with any of these speculations.
Unable to hit Freeza with a ki volley, Vegeta employs Bitch Fu.
And runs away.
Finally, Vegeta summons up all his strength...
... and fires it in a massive ki blast!!
And Freeza kicks it into the air.
(Like it ain't no thing.)

Given that Vegeta is a little girl, he begins to throw a fit and cry.
(For context, fanboys/girls, Gohan has been nearly killed twice since coming to Namek, and hasn't cried once. And he's 5 years old.)

Undeterred by Vegeta's bitch-fit, Freeza returns to giving him a terror more frightening than Hell.
How Freeza pampered Vegeta.
If only he weren't such a stubborn little wanker, none of this would be happening.
Ah well. More minions can't be that hard to find.

Kuririn, Gohan, and Piccolo watch as Freeza strangles Vegeta to death, unable to help the Saiyan Prince. Though Gohan and Kuririn make a move to try, Piccolo insists they do not. "He's had it..." Piccolo says darkly. And if Vegeta has had it, it is only a matter of time before Freeza turns his deadly eyes upon them. Is there no hope left for our heroes...?

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