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Dragon Ball Z ep 86 - Such Regret...!! Vegeta, Pride of the Saiyans, Dies

Son Goku has arrived.

Freeza has beaten Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Kuririn utterly in succession. And with Dende's death, and Vegeta's own demise imminent, (It's in the episode title, folks.) the day was looking grim for the heroes from Planet Earth and the people of Planet Namek. But now Son Goku has arrived, and his ki billows off of him in such a way that makes Kuririn ask, "Are you really Goku?"

This is not the first time Kuririn has asked such a question. Against the Ginyu Tokusentai and against Vegeta and Nappa on Earth, Son Goku's power has been steadily increasing. But not increasing purely on its own - Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and even Kuririn have had such 'mundane' power boosts. No, there is something different about Goku. Something Vegeta would call "Super Saiyan".

Goku thanks everyone for holding out as long as they have, and congratulates them on doing so well against Freeza. He's pleased to see Piccolo was the other huge ki, and that he's been brought back to life. Now they can happily stand back; He's going to take on Freeza by himself.

Piccolo advises against it.

How things have changed. The last time they fought together, Piccolo relished Goku's death by Raditz, so long as he lived. Now he wants to stand by him again, as allies. 

But Goku insists on going it alone.

 "So you're Freeza? You're runtier than I imagined."

Another scum is left on this planet? But this one looks oddly... familiar to Freeza. Vegeta opens his eyes enough to catch a glimpse of Goku, "Kakarotto... you're here..." Kakarotto... that's a Saiyan name. Then that means, that...

Bardock. The Saiyan who began the chain reaction that caused Freeza to extinguish the Planet Vegeta. Ironic, isn't it? The very same day, King Vegeta made an attempt on Freeza's life. Now their sons, Prince Vegeta and so-called Kakarotto, will die side by side as their fathers did - defying Freeza.

Freeza's speed is matched by Goku's. He will not be so simple an opponent.

Vegeta laughs heartily. Freeza has finally met him. The person he fears the most.

The strongest warrior in the universe, the legendary Super Saiyan.

Goku screams at Freeza for attacking Vegeta! Clearly, he was out of the fight and no longer a threat! There's no reason to fight dirty!

 "Kakarotto... are you still reciting that soft crap? Are you not a Super Saiyan?!"
"You foolish scum!! Get cold-hearted! If only you had discarded your leniency, you would surely already be a Super Saiyan!" Vegeta says in agony.

 "I just don't see how I could act as cold-hearted as you do. And as for this Super Saiyan business, I don't know what you mean."
 "A-... A Super Saiyan is..."

"Listen well, Kakarotto..."

Vegeta explains his plight to Goku. It wasn't an meteor that destroyed the Planet Vegeta, their King, and Goku's own father. It was Freeza. It has always been Freeza. He is scared of what a Saiyan might become. He fears the legendary Super Saiyan. He fears the potential that is already spilling out of Goku.

Even after the Saiyans served loyally as his hands and feet, he still had them killed. All except them.

"I--I beg you...!! Freeza... defeat Freeza! Please, by your Saiyan hand..."
 With that final proclamation, Vegeta dies.
"For you to beg of me must have been awfully difficult, I bet."
It wasn't that Freeza killed his people that drove Vegeta mad.
No,  Goku knew better. 
It was having to obey him. 
"I hated you so much... but you had your Saiyan pride."
"And now I too will share in some of that pride." 

"I am a Saiyan, raised on Earth! For all the Saiyans killed by you, as well as all the Namekians here, I am going to beat you!!!"

Son Goku has arrived.

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