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Dragon Ball Z ep 90 - That Was No Idle Boast!! Son Goku, an Audacious, Wonderful Guy

"You're strong! Enough that I would even say marvelously so."
"Why, thank ya."
"However, I am growing tired of this fight. I am thinking it is about time to bring it to a conclusion. But before the end, let me ask you, just in case. How about it? Wouldn't you like to work underneath me? It would be a shame to wipe out all that power you have. You would be able to do work so much better than Commander Ginyu."
"You've gotta be kidding. You really expect me to accept that offer?"
"I thought you would say that. You Saiyans as a group are stubborn to the point of being fools... Well then, there's only one option left to us. Death."

 "King Vegeta, Vegeta, and that lower-class warrior Bardock... Every single one of them, so terribly obstinate."

"That's what cost them their lives."

Meanwhile, at the filler,
Commander Ginyu, in Bulma's body, has arrived at the scene of Goku and Freeza's duel. 
Froggy Bulma reaches out for help from the most responsible adult on Namek. But since they're all dead, she reaches out to Gohan. Gohan thinks she's Ginyu. 
That is, until Commander Ginyu begins to weep with joy at Freeza's true strength. After a solid 10 minutes of gawking, Kuririn, Piccolo, and Gohan become wise to his/her act. 
So naturally, Ginyu begins to CHANGE

Back on Earth, 
The C-Team Assembles
Oolong: Fighting for Panties. 
Puar: Fighting for dead friends with dead relationships. 
Yajirobe: Fighting because they're forcing him to. 
Muten Roshi: Fighting because he's the only decent fighter.
And Chichi: Captain of the C-Team, fighting for her son. And definitely not her husband. 


"Sorry, everyone. I messed up." 
(Oh, Doc Brief, you so silly.)

Freeza knows that Son Goku isn't using his full strength, but admits he is not either. The tyrant estimates it will take him 50% of his full power to turn Goku into space dust, and Goku can sense he isn't bluffing. As Freeza means to end their duel at last, our hero is in a serious pinch.

Back at Kaio-sama's planet in Other World, Kaio is certain that Goku's chance at victory is slim. Yamcha and Chaozu are quick to lose heart, but Tenshinhan reminds them he still has the Kaioken x10. Surely, if he multiplies his strength and speed by 10, Freeza won't stand a chance!

(Or not.)

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