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Dragon Ball Z ep 91 - Showdown!! The Embodiment of Flame in a 20x Kaioken Kamehameha

Commander Ginyu, in Bulma's body, strikes out at Kuririn...!! 
Realizing this body is too weak, he decides to take Piccolo's body next! 
But Gohan figures the whole thing out, and chucks the Frog Bulma at the Change Beam! 
Bulma is back in her own body, and then both her and Frog Ginyu are blown far, far away by the force of Goku and Freeza's battle, and we leave this whole filler behind us.

Even after mastering Kaioken x10, Goku cannot hope to stand up to even 50% of Freeza's power. The space tyrant knocks Goku around like a ragdoll, giving our hero little time to breathe, let alone fight back. But even this isn't the extent of Freeza's ferocity.

In one swipe of his hand, Freeza slashes around the whole of Planet Namek. Goku is horrified, and without a plan of action. He, and Piccolo, know he's had it. But Freeza promises he won't kill him so quickly as that slice. He wishes to make Goku suffer first.

Freeza makes to drown Goku. Goku struggles in vain against the tyrant's foot atop his head. But he only grows weaker as oxygen leaves his body... until, at last, he passes out...

In his unconscious state, he sees Earth.
He hears the voices of Chichi, of Muten Roshi, of Oolong... 
... all of them suffering... 
... all of them dying... 
And the Earth is utterly destroyed. 

In his fury, Goku reawakens, breaks from Freeza's grip... and calls forth the Kaioken x20!!! 

"Damn it to hell..."

But even as the dust settles, the Kamehameha x20 did little damage to Freeza. However, unknown to Goku, underneath the tyrant's cold and furious poise, he sent the merest trickle of fear. Freeza at last understands what Piccolo Daimao learned all-too late... Never underestimate Son Goku's determination to protect his planet.

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