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Dragon Ball Z ep 92 - A Super-Huge Genki Dama -- I'm Playing My Last Card!!

After the collision of Son Goku's Kaioken x20 Kamehameha and Freeza at 50% power, neither warrior came out looking well. All of Goku's remaining ki, it seemed, was unleashed in that final assault... an assault that left Freeza all-but physically unharmed. But Freeza's pride had been rent in two; No one had ever come so close to obliterating him as Son Goku did in that moment. This mere lower life form... this Saiyan monkey.

Goku has had it. He can barely stand up, let alone muster a defense against Freeza's incensed assault. "Kakarotto, you disappoint me!" Vegeta shouts at him. "Is that the extent of your power? Where has your Saiyan pride gone?" "I ain't no Saiyan!" Goku says back, frustrated. "Are you still saying that?! You're a Saiyan unlike any other!" "None of that matters now... Vegeta, team up with me..."

Then it dawns on Goku. Vegeta is dead. He died before Goku and Freeza laid hands on each other.

"You are a Saiyan. You have the fighting Saiyan people's blood flowing through you! Do you not feel the anguish? The man who destroyed the Planet Vegeta, the world where both you and I were born, is this same Freeza! Does it not wound your pride as a Saiyan to be battered around by him?! Your father, Bardock, as well as my father, King Vegeta... Kakarotto, you are the last remaining Saiyan! He wants to kill every last Saiyan. This is because he fears the birth of what is said to be the strongest warrior in the universe, the legendary Super Saiyan!"

"If I could have, I would have killed him by my own hand. But I was killed like a rag doll. If you understand my anguish, then be sure to kill him by your hand!"

Goku is heartened by the message from Vegeta, King Vegeta, and Bardock. Whether or not it was really their beyond-the-grave communication with Goku, or simply a stirring of Saiyan pride inside him taking their form, matters little. Goku has a final trump card to play, though it could smash up the entire planet if he is not careful. For the safety of the entire universe, Son Goku calls forth a Genki Dama!

Planet Namek's people has been wiped out by Freeza, so there is little life for him to draw on here. But the surrounding planets, in Planet Namek's solar system, are populated with unique forms of life which Goku borrows from -- for their own sake, for the sake of all life in the universe.

As Kuririn explains the Genki Dama to Piccolo, Gohan notices it taking shape... 
And it is super-huge...!!

Meanwhile, on Kaio-sama's planet, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamcha hear strange noises coming from within Kaio's house. 
... and Gregory fall out of the home, beaten. 
"OI! WHO ARE YOU?!" Ten demands.
The mysterious men are glad to demonstrate. 
"Something's missing..."
"Maybe it's because the Commander isn't here?"
"Well, we haven't done this in awhile..." 
"We nailed it!!"
"...W-what's the deal with this guys?"
(The Filler King is stirred...)

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