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Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Son Goku (DBZ Movie 4)

We open on a tranquil scene where Piccolo has evidently been meditating ever since the last movie. Gohan and his pet dragon, Haiya Dragon, (also retained from the last movie) arrive to do what they do best; Cute stuff. Unfortunately, their elaborately choreographed whistled song-and-dance routine doesn't impress Piccolo.

He doesn't like whistling.
He doesn't like it at all.

But just then...!! Our heroes sense something vague but dangerous...!!

Dr. Brief and Tama are on the case! Utilizing the high powered telescopes of Capsule Corp., Doc Brief discovers that a planetoid is headed straight for a collision with Earth. Blowing it out of the sky isn't an option, either - as it is inhabited with life. (Because Dr. Brief is so rich, he gets to make such decisions for the whole god damn planet.)

When the rest of the world finds out, they properly shit themselves with panic.
Kuririn mourns that he never managed to get laid.
Meanwhile, Muten Roshi gets his nap on.

When the panicked public go to their King for a strategy on how best to deal with such a crisis, he gives his usual answer; "We'll wait for the guy with the funny hair and orange clothes to show up."

Son Goku's in the house. And he won't let the Earth be destroyed!
Goku and Kuririn blast mighty Kamehameha's at the planetoid, determined to set it off course! 
It doesn't work out.

The planetoid miraculously shifts its own direction, avoiding collision with Earth. But it leaves something behind. 

A big spaceship something. 
An army steps off of the spaceship, and claims that Lord Slug is now the ruler of Planet Earth. 
"I've got goose bumps..." Oolong says nervously.
"More like pig bumps!" Bulma snaps.
(And you have bitch bumps, Bulma.

Introducing, the Space Demon Clansmen.

That's right, my lovely reader. The Demon Clan is back. Again. But this time they're from space. And they're led by an old, green-faced man named Lord Slug.

But the Demon Clan won't have their way with Son Gohan around! Our favorite boy hero jumps into the fray to teach these Demon Clansmen a lesson, and in turn learns that they cannot stand sunlight. (Wait, what?)

To protect her baby, Chichi joins in the fight as well!
(A woman actually getting a fight scene in DBZ? Awesome!)

All is for naught when Slug steps outside his space craft (immune to sunlight, unlike his men) and takes hold of Gohan's 4-star Dragon Ball. Slug seems to recall such wish granting items from the recesses of his memory. Gohan dare not approach him, sensing this Demon Lord's incredible ki. Bulma, however, thinks it's a great idea to tell him he'll need the other six balls if he plans to make a wish.

So Slug reads her mind.
(Hey, at least she isn't talking.)
(It's all you gotta do to have your wish come true.)

With all seven Dragon Balls in their possession, Lord Slug and his men summon Shen Long.

For his wish, Lord Slug wishes for Restored and Eternal Youth.

His fighting power back to its once legendary state, Lord Slug moves forward with his dastardly plan for Planet Earth; He wants to turn it into a giant spaceship.

Firstly, so his men can work, they begin by terra-freezing the entire planet.
(These Demon Clansmen come from the Planet of Disposable Mooks.)

As is tradition in a Dragon Ball Z movie, Lord Slug has an elite team of moderately interesting minions. From left-hand to right-hand, they are Dorodabo, Angila, and Medamatcha. Medamatcha is the short and creepy villain, Angila is the pretty one, and Dorodabo is the one voiced by Daisuke Gori.

Elsewhere, Yajirobe "The Bean Daddy" arrives to assist Goku and Kuririn.

In doing so, Goku awakes to see the Earth frozen over and covered by mysterious clouds. No doubt sensing Lord Slug's incredible ki, our Kame-clad heroes ready themselves to take on the Demon Clan. Again.

But an elite fighting force is already at the scene!
Gohan, Oolong, and Haiya Dragon...!
It doesn't work out.

But before the Demon Clan can finish off Gohan...
Teamed up with his master, Gohan faces against Dorodabo, Angila, and Medamatcha.
Dorodabo takes on Piccolo, while Medamatcha and Gohan pair off.
Angila stands around and strokes his hair.
Dorodabo furiously shouts that Piccolo can do nothing but dodge.
So Piccolo stops dodging...
... and smashes his fucking hand.
And then that.
Gohan isn't having as good of a time as his master.
Medamatcha unleashes his creepiest attack.
He grows mini versions of himself.
Mini versions that suck the ki out of someone by hugging them.
(So creepy.)
Dorodabo realizes he cannot take Piccolo in a direct confrontation, so he elects to use stealth to kill him.
Unfortunately for Dabo, Piccolo is the Batman of Dragon Ball.
("I swear to god!" "SWEAR TO ME!")
Dabo concedes. Piccolo, as a member of the Demon Clan, has bested him. But he cannot best Lord Slug, so he offers Piccolo a chance to fight beside them as a fellow demon.
It doesn't work out.

Piccolo makes his way back just in time to save Gohan, but not quickly enough to avoid Medamatcha and Angila's furious ki assault. 

Down for the count, Medamatcha kicks Piccolo aside so that he might kill Gohan.
It doesn't work out.
Son fucking Goku. Wrecking Demon Clan's shit since age 15.

Slug is impressed rather than horrified. This man dropped from the sky and defeated his forces in less time than it took him to gather the Dragon Balls. With his newly restored youth, this man - or Saiyan, perhaps - might be good sport for him to test the limits of his young body.

He'll have to go through Kuririn first...!!!
Hey, at least you gave it your best, buddy.

Goku is no match for Slug.
After being tossed around like a rag doll, Goku tries to summon a Genki Dama.
But Kaio-sama, watching the fight unfold from Other World, knows that the Earth is simply too weak to lend Goku any power. He's on his own.

But Goku's own isn't to be underestimated.
Kaio cannot believe what he's witnessing...!! Is this the power...
... of a Super Saiyan?!
(Spoiler: No, it isn't. Or maybe it is. It's pretty vague.)

But Goku isn't the only alien around here.
Lord Slug is actually (dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn) a Namekian!

A Super Namekian, according to Kaio-sama!
Which means he can grow very large, indeed.

Goku attempts to fight him through the mouth, as he did against Piccolo at the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai.
It doesn't work out.

Like Oozaru Vegeta and Oozaru Gohan before him, Lord Slug attempts to smash Goku!
But Piccolo is a Namekian too! So he knows all of Lord Slug's weak points!

Lord Slug tosses the unconscious Son Goku aside, focusing his efforts on killing this new Namekian challenger. But strangely, Piccolo merely grins as Slug looks upon him. He has his own means of fighting giants...

(Oh fuck yeah. Giant Piccolo gunna return, baby. My body is ready for massive Namekian on massive Namekian action! Let's do it!)

Piccolo tears out his own ears and tells Gohan to whistle.
(Wait... WHAT?!)
Gohan does as instructed, and the sound renders Slug powerless.
(Ahhh, WHAT?! C'mon!)
(You've got him on the ropes now, Piccolo! Transform!! You've got enough ki to--)
(-- Dangit...)

Empowered by Piccolo's ki, Goku comes at giant Slug with a Kaioken!
(Really? An ethereal Giant Piccolo? Fuck you.)
And Goku finishes off Slug by ramming his head through Slug's stomach.

In order to free the planet from its terra-freezing, Goku flies up to the sun to borrow its Genki.
The dying Lord Slug makes a final attempt at Goku's life.
And he and his terra-freezing device get to choke on solar powered Genki Dama.
At long last, the Earth is saved.
And all of the Earth's heroes assemble to bask in their glorious victory.

Tenshinhan, "Maybe we'll get to be in the next movie?"
Yamcha, "Shut up, Ten."


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