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Dragon Ball Z ep 100 - I Am Son Goku's Son!! Gohan Returns to the Battlefield

As Planet Namek teeters on destruction, the final chess pieces are put into place. Son Goku risks all by firing his most mighty Kamehameha yet, as 100% powered Freeza clashes against it with his mighty ki. Meanwhile on Earth, Mr. Popo has gathered the seven Dragon Balls and summoned Shen Long, as part of Kaio-sama's plan; Revive everyone on Planet Namek with Shen Long, thus reviving Porunga, then use Porunga's final wish to bring everyone except Freeza to Earth... lest they all die again in Namek's explosion.

Freeza breaks free from his struggle of powers with the Super Saiyan, burying Son Goku deep under the volatile Namekian soil. As the lava erupts from Goku's earthen grave, Freeza basks in his victory. Has Goku been defeated...?

Gohan can feel his father's ki vanish. 

Realizing there is no one left to battle Freeza, and that Planet Namek's destruction is imminent, Gohan leaves his father's spaceship with a new resolve. Freeza will not stop until every Saiyan is dead, and there's no reason to wait around on Earth for their confrontation to happen. Gohan, showing himself more of a man than many thrice his age (*cough*Vegeta*cough*), leaves the shelter of escape to face his destiny. He will face Freeza.

Meanwhile, Shen Long grants Kaio's wish, as dictated by Popo. 
 Dende, Vegeta, Grand Elder, Elder Muuri, and Porunga are all revived.
The B-Team celebrate a successful phase one.

Freeza watches the sky grow dark, and decides now he best leave the planet, before it explodes. 
But Gohan has other ideas.
"Now, you will face me." He spits. 

But to Freeza's anger, all Gohan does is fly away from him! 
Because Gohan had never planned on winning.
Merely offering himself to the sadistic warlord... 
... to keep him distracted as the planet explodes around them. 

"Let me offer you something good..." Says Freeza, proceeding to tell Gohan how he will bury him in the same grave as his father. A fitting end to the Saiyan race, he thinks. 
Not quite. 
even Gohan's powerful Masenko has no effect on the tyrant. 

Tired of playing, Freeza offers Gohan death by 100% of his strength - the same amount he used to kill his father. Only there's a catch.

Son Goku isn't dead. 
And he isn't happy, either. 

Goku demands Gohan leave the planet at once, and Gohan does so proudly. His father is still alive! Freeza hasn't won yet by a long shot! But with only moments left before the planet explodes, can Son Goku defeat Freeza and escape in time?!

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