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Dragon Ball Z ep 101 - I'm Staying on this Planet!! A Final Wish Toward Victory

Planet Namek nears ever closer to its demise. The land and seas break apart and sunder under the weight of its mighty final breaths, as the two strongest beings in the known universe stare each other down. Freeza didn't expect Son Goku to live. He comments that, were Saiyans not so stubborn, he could have quietly escaped or awaited his fate if he hadn't shown himself again. But now that he has, Freeza isn't going to let him get away again...

"I'll crush you into tiny pieces. The way I did that Earthling."
"The way you did that Earthling...? You mean Kuririn?"
"Hmph! Unfeeling Saiyans... what a joke." 

Across the planet and the cosmos, Kaio-sama discusses his plan with the newly revived Grand Elder. With Porunga's final wish, Kaio explains, he plans to save all the Namekians and Earthlings, by sending everyone except Freeza to Planet Earth. Grand Elder is grateful for Kaio's efforts, and makes to contact the Namekian closest to Porunga, when...

Goku telepathically wire-taps them, demanding they change the wish! 
(Son Goku: Supporter of the Patriot act.

Goku begs Kaio-sama to change the wish so that he can finish his fight with Freeza, here and now. In return, Kaio pleads with Goku to see reason, and give up the fight for now. But Son Goku has never given up a fight, and if Kaio forces him to, he swears he'll resent him for the rest of his days. Realizing how serious Goku is about defeating Freeza, a resigned Kaio tells Grand Elder to change the wish.

And it is Dende whom Grand Elder contacts to make the wish. 

Elsewhere on Planet Namek... 
The proud prince of Saiyans, Vegeta, has returned to life. 
Hardly daring to believe his second chance, Vegeta makes his way to the two largest ki on the planet - certain he'll find Freeza and Kakarotto!!! 

Goku thanks Kaio, then smiles as he sees Namek's "Super Shen Long". 
But he isn't the only one. 
Freeza spots the Dragon Balls -- and the dragon!!

After everything the tyrant lord went through to gather the Dragon Balls, he thought his wish would never be, thanks to the meddling of Vegeta and the Earthlings. But with Porunga in the darkened sky, the path to immortality is open to him once again! He races off toward the dragon, with Goku in hot pursuit.

Vegeta catches sight of their battle.
(And achieves a most luscious boner.)

Dende lands before Porunga. 
Porunga, getting impatient, asks for his final request. 
Freeza manages to beat Goku away long enough to reach the dragon! 

But Porunga doesn't grant his wish. The young Namekian child, who Freeza was so certain he had dealt with, says something in his native language and then... he disappears!! And the dragon claims his final wish has been given! And that final wish is to take everyone off the planet except him and the legendary Super Saiyan! (Fuck.)

(Before disappearing too, Vegeta arrives to compliment Goku on his body.

Dende, Vegeta, Bulma, Gohan, Piccolo, Grand Elder, Elder Muuri, and all the rest of the Namekians revived are transported to Earth, and the Namekian Dragon Balls make their final journey ... into space.

Freeza is unhappy to learn, from Goku, of the conspiracy involving both sets of Dragon Balls that was just now used. 
But Goku couldn't be happier. He can finally fight without restraint. 

Back on Earth, everyone is surprised by the situation except Dende and Grand Elder, who explain the events involving Earth's Shen Long and Namek's Porunga.

But on Planet Namek...
... the final battle for the whole universe is about to begin again. 

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