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Dragon Ball Z ep 102 - Let's Get It On!! Two Remain on a Vanishing Planet

Across the universe, Son Goku's friends gather as they await the destruction of Planet Namek, fearful for his life. Rather than having himself safely transported to Earth, he chose to remain on Planet Namek and finish his duel with the tyrant Freeza.

Piccolo is particularly mournful over Goku's decision, as he recalls their rivalry and team ups of the past... "Son, why did you have me returned to Earth as well? I wanted to fight together with you! As much as I hate it, Son, your power has now far exceeded my own." He pauses, resigned to the truth of it. "In exchange for your own life... You've always been like that."

Only Vegeta is glad that Goku chose to remain on Namek. He laughs at his good fortune, being not only revived, but having the only two people stronger than him in the entire universe fighting it out on a doomed planet. And now that he's come to Earth, he can gather the Dragon Balls and finally become undyingly young.

It is Piccolo who rains on his parade, informing him that the Dragon Balls will be useless for another year. (And silently, this blogger reckons, works out that he could definitely kick Vegeta's smug ass into the dirt with Gohan's help.)

Meanwhile, back on Namek, the duel on the vanishing planet is still heavily underway.

Despite his great strength, Freeza's hits do not seem to graze Goku. His only hope for victory lies in the exploding planet below them. Hurry, Goku! You've only got one (space) minute left!!

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