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Dragon Ball Z ep 103 - Pathos of Freeza! Once He Starts Shaking, He's Unstoppable!!

There is less than a minute to go before Planet Namek undergoes its final explosion. Son Goku and Freeza continue to duke it out over the volatile surface, pitting the power of the legendary Super Saiyan against the space emperor's full strength. With everyone else safe on Earth, Goku can finally fight Freeza to his heart's content -- and avenge his fallen friend, Kuririn.

Their exchange of blows appears to be equal; However, with every hit Freeza takes, he grows more frustrated, more out of breath, and less rational.
Whereas Son Goku continues to press forward, taking every hit Freeza can throw in stride!

"How's that, you monkey scum?!"
"Is that all you've got...?" Goku says, calmly.
Aggravated, Freeza bellows, "What?!"
"I asked if that's all you got!"

In one furious blow, the tyrant Freeza is brought to his knees.

His counterattacks only leave perfect openings for Goku to strike.
And his speed is outmatched on every level.

Picking himself back up, Freeza shouts a promise at Goku;
"Not to the likes of a Saiyan...! I'll repay you for this ten-fold-- no, a hundred-fold!"
But just then, Goku makes a sudden declaration...
"I'm stoppin'."
"W-what was that?! What do you mean, you're stopping?!"
"In reaction to your using 100% power, you've passed your peak, and your ki is falling rapidly. I've begun to think it's useless to fight you any further. I'm already feeling satisfied, and your sense of pride is in tatters. After all, someone has come forward and surpassed you, when no one in the world was supposed to have been able to."
"And what's more, that someone was a mere Saiyan!"
Goku continues, "There ain't no reason to kill you, now that you've started trembling. You should go on living with that shock, in tranquility. I'm going back to Earth. I can still barely make it in time."
"Freeza, don't you misbehave any more. I don't want to see your face again."
"... Don't mock me..." Freeza growls quietly.
"Don't you mock me!!!"
 "Am I... am I... AM I TO HAVE LOST?!"
"You're an impossible fool!"
Incensed with anger, the power of a Super Saiyan bursts forth again!
And Freeza is glad to see it.
With his Kienzan-like disc, Freeza follows Goku's every movement. 
And no matter where Goku leads the disc,  
... it will slice through any obstacle and continue toward him! 
Freeza cackles as Goku brings the disc toward him... 
If he means to use the disc to cut through Freeza himself, he informs he will not fall for such a childish trick! 

Back on Earth, Bulma and Dende wile away the time by using fortune telling to see if Goku will return safely. Bulma gathers three leafs and puts them in a circle, and Dende catches them on fire. If every leaf burns up, it is said, the traveler you are awaiting will return home safely.

But a sudden breeze blows by and puts out the flames... 
"Fortune telling is nonsense!" Gohan exclaims.
"Father will return home safely!" 
Piccolo watches his young charge proudly, impressed by his resolve.

But is Son Gohan correct? Will Goku make it home safely? There's less than a minute to go before he and Planet Namek are space dust!

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