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Dragon Ball Z ep 104 - Goku's Declaration of Victory!! As Freeza Destroys Himself...

Planet Namek erupts around them. 

Freeza makes a desperate final attempt to kill the Super Saiyan Son Goku, utilizing a Kienzan-like ability which he manipulates to follow him. But Goku's Zanzoken is too well trained from years of use, and Freeza's inability to read ki is used against him. Goku is tired of fighting. To him, he has already won. Yet Freeza continues to flail weak punches at him, like a mouse's final clawings at a cat.

"If you absolutely have to settle this with me, then regain your strength and brush up on your skills."

Freeza chooses another route;
An additional disc.
"Don't you fucking judge me." 

Meanwhile, on Earth, Vegeta couldn't be happier with how things played out in his favor. Goku and Freeza are going to die in Planet Namek's explosion, leaving him the strongest warrior in the entire universe. Which means now he's free to fulfill his deepest desire; He can be a dick to whomever he wants.

Vegeta recollects those fun times of old... 
... back when he, Raditz, and Nappa used to be dickheads to whole planets of people. 
Yes, that far off time of... 2 years ago. 
("I love being a dick!")
("Being a dick is great!") 
But, no matter how hard they tried, there was always a bigger dick than they were to report to...
Freeza: the biggest dick in the universe
So Prince Vegeta vowed that he, one day, would usurp Freeza... and that he would do things so vile, so repugnant, so repellent, that it would put even the Freeza elites to shame.
Like killing his only friend, 
and knocking out children. 
"Just bein' a dick!"
(Audience applause.
 Then he takes a nap.

Back on Planet Namek, Freeza is using his final strategy to attack Goku, to admittedly poor results.

Freeza narrowly dodges his discs, but his inability to read ki leaves him blind...! 
... Goku attacks from above!
Freeza counters with a futile volley of punches and kicks, 
... only to be assaulted by the furious Son Goku! 
Freeza is sent crashing to the ground...
... where he catches himself, and then makes to launch back up at Goku! 
And Goku shouts for him to stay down!! 
But it is too late. 
Freeza, tyrant lord of the entire universe, is hoist with his own petard. 

Goku looks upon Freeza's now mangled form with pity. "Even though you may reap what you sow, this ain't like you. What a miserable fool!" He pauses, then turns away... "Somehow or other, I'm going back to Earth. Now share the same fate as this Planet Namek, which you yourself have destroyed."

But as Goku makes to walk away, Freeza does something unexpected...
"Help.... h-help... P-ple..please... save me!"
He begs Goku to spare his life.
"... Please save... me!!"
One ounce of Goku's own ki, given over to Freeza. Enough for him to leave the planet, alive. And the cat shows pity to the mouse.

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