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Dragon Ball Z ep 105 - Freeza Defeated!! A Single Blast Packed with a Totality of Rage

The Grand Elder's life has reached its end, once more. 

He tells his many children not to mourn for him, but to find their own eternal peace for Namekians. The Dragon Balls have followed him to Earth, and he may pass them onto his children, so that Porunga does not have to die with him. But not all of his children have returned to life on Earth. Though they search for Elder Tsuno and his villagers, they don't appear to have been resurrected. This is because Vegeta killed them, and no longer counts as one of Freeza's men...

("Just bein' a dick.")

Elder Muri, the Namekian who bravely stood against Freeza and his men and destroyed their scouters, is the one chosen by Grand Elder to carry on as the new Grand Elder. The Dragon Balls become his to wield, until he passes them onto the next generation; His children. And with a final farewell, the Grand Elder of Planet Namek passes away quietly...

It is at this point that Dende realizes that Piccolo, who has been mourning the Grand Elder with everyone else, must have merged with Nail. Piccolo smiles, confirming it for the young Namekian. Dende then makes a startling revelation to Gohan and the others - the Dragon Balls from Planet Namek can wish people back to life many times, so long as they did not die of natural causes. This means the Kuririn, and Chaozu, can return to life as heroes.

Gohan urges his father to return home soon, so that they can all be together again.

The battle for Planet Namek is over. Son Goku is the decisive winner; His Super Saiyan powers far outclasses the mighty Lord Freeza. Though as Freeza begged for his life, Goku spared it by offering him a small amount of his own ki. Despite this gesture of mercy, Freeza still taunts Goku... He will survive, in space, and even though Goku has won, he will die in Namek's explosion. But Goku isn't listening any longer. He will find a way off the planet, come hell or high water.

And as the Super Saiyan flies away from the tyrant lord, Freeza is overcome with a jolt of bitterness. He curses, "I-I am the greatest in the universe! I am Freeza, Emperor of the Universe! And so, you...! You monkey scum...! You must die at my hand!!! YOU MUST BE KILLED BY ME!!" And with Son Goku's own ki, he launches a final blast of rage at his back.


With that final act, Goku flies off to find a spaceship home.

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