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Dragon Ball Z ep 106 - Planet Namek's Great Explosion!! Goku Disappears into Space

Planet Namek's final moments are upon it. 
Kaio-sama, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamcha nervously await their friend Goku finding safety before the great explosion. 
Goku finds himself aboard Freeza's ship... 
Desperate for time, Goku seeks out the control room. 
That's when Goku remembers he can't operate a computer.
So Goku does what any man faced with life or death would do; 
He finds the biggest button he can and presses it. 
And when it doesn't work, he presses it even harder

But time has run out for Freeza's spaceship, which falls into the lava filled cracks below. Goku manages to escape its destruction, but with no other prospects for escaping Planet Namek, simply watching as his final seconds count down. Perhaps he can't make it home, after all.


The Planet Namek explodes, erasing itself from space in a deadly show of pyrotechnics. Yamcha collapses to his knees, cursing his friend's bitter end; the others are speechless. Though Son Goku was the ultimate winner, his time as the strongest warrior in the universe was short lived. It is Yamcha who volunteers to tell Bulma, so that she may break the news to Gohan, Chichi, and the others. (I guess... luckily Yamcha was there... ;___;)

Placing his hand on Kaio-sama's back, Yamcha contacts Bulma. 

Everyone cheers as they hear that Goku defeated the monster Freeza. (Everyone except Vegeta, of course.) But as Yamcha delivers the dire news of Goku's fate, he is surprised at how casually she tells everyone else. "You stupid twit! Think about Gohan's feelings before you say that!" (It took Goku exploding for Yamcha to grow a sack.) But Bulma tells Yamcha not to worry so much; the Namekian Dragon Balls, which have come to Earth, have the power to wish people back indefinitely. Which means Goku, Kuririn, and Chaozu can all return to life. (Thus meaning that death no longer has any impact on this show.)

But Kaio says they mustn't celebrate so soon. Since Goku and Kuririn died on Planet Namek, and Planet Namek no longer exists, wishing them back would only cause them to die again in the vacuum of space. 

(Except that Kaio has no idea what he's talking about; Every time someone has been brought back to life so far, it has been to where their body is located. Even if their body is located in the afterlife, as happened to Goku on Kaio's own planet. Kaio, stop trying to break Yamcha's heart.)

Vegeta takes this opportunity to taunt Gohan, as the boy insists his father will make it back to Earth. Vegeta jokes that he could be his underling when he takes over the universe. Gohan jokes that he's going to punch Vegeta in the face if he doesn't shut his fucking mouth.

It doesn't exactly work out. 
Except that it does. 
(Wait, did Gohan just headbutt the fuck out of Vegeta?
Vegeta, deciding to take Gohan seriously, fights back. 
And Gohan proves no match for Vegeta, ultimately. 
But as Vegeta makes to finish off Gohan... 
Vegeta thinks better of it. 
"Hey, just bein' a dick."

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