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Dragon Ball Z ep 95 - Transformed At Last!! Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan

The fighting has finally finished. The Super-Huge Genki Dama, forged as the last hope for the universe by Son Goku, struck Freeza down to Planet Namek's ocean floor. Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo join our hero, looking out at the horizon as a is job well done. Kuririn admits he didn't think he'd ever make it off Planet Namek alive, and he's glad he did... because he really would like to get, well, married. (I think in the dub he wanted a pack of skittles or something. Fuck FUNi. Fuck 'em so hard.) The heroes of the universe share a well-earned laugh.

But suddenly, Kuririn's face darkens.

They forgot about Bulma!! Goku tells him he thought, by the look on his face, Freeza had returned. But Kuririn insists that, in many ways, Bulma is the scarier of the two...

Inspired by Goku's victory, the boys under Kaio-sama make to finish off the Ginyu Tokusentai
Yamcha, Chaozu, Tenshinhan: B-Team, Assemble! 
(Wait... is Tenshinhan doing the Kaioken?!)
(Yeah, that's definitely the Kaioken...

And with that, Reacoom, Butta, Jheese, and Ghurd are sent to Hell. And unlike Goku, Gozu and Mezu will not be helping them back onto Serpentine Road.

Then we learn that Kaio set the whole thing up anyway. 
(Picture above: The B-Team not quite sure how mad they are.)

But the time for celebration is at its end...
... diabolical... 
... has returned. 
Freeza lives. 
And he's not happy. 
His Death Beam fires straight for Son Goku, who is saved by Piccolo... 
... taking the Death Beam in the chest for his former arch nemesis. 
"Free... za...." 
"Even I questioned whether or not I would die this time." Freeza says, coolly. 
"I, Freeza-sama, ALMOST DIED!!" He screams in a panicked fury.  
And this time, Freeza's death grip is aimed at Kuririn...!! 

And will a flash too quick for the weakened Gohan and Goku to prevent, Kuririn dies. His plans for marriage, for leaving Planet Namek a hero, for living the rest of his life out in peace... dashed. And since he had already been wished back by Shen Long, and Porunga is dead, Kuririn is gone... forever.

"Shall I do the little brat next?" 
But despite all of Freeza's remaining ki... 
... and all of his fury ... 
... Freeza has made the biggest mistake of his entire life. 
"Y-you're going to pay for that... How... dare you... HOW DARE YOU?!" 
The last mistake he'll ever make. 
Summoning a storm with his fury, something has changed in Son Goku's heart. 
Something unlocked, once buried deep within his very core. 
Only now, in his pure, blinding rage, can he see the truth. 
He is the Legendary Super Saiyan...!!! 
"Gohan, take Piccolo with you and get yourselves back to Earth. He's barely still alive." 
Gohan hesitates... 

Gohan quickly moves to gather Piccolo. This, we can take from the implication, is the first time Gohan has ever been shouted at by his father. Goku is through holding back his limits.

He is about to avenge Kuririn, his very best friend...
The real battle begins now.

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