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Dragon Ball Z ep 97 - The Destruction of Planet Namek! A Demonic Flash Pierces the Ground

"I-Indeed... It appears that somehow you really are a Super Saiyan."
"Having a calm, quiet heart, then awakened by intense anger, eh? I see. Which is why no matter how hard Vegeta worked at it, he could not become one."

Shame and fury engulf Freeza. This Saiyan monkey scum, this Son Goku, this Kakarotto, son of that Bardock who defied him until the end, has become more of a pain than he could have ever anticipated. The legendary Super Saiyan may, indeed, live up to the legend... But Freeza will not be beaten, not here on this backwater planet.

Meanwhile, on one of Freeza's colonies. 
All contact with both Freeza and the Ginyu Tokusentai has been lost, worrying their intelligence officers. 
But not this guy. A member of the same race as Kewie, a race which all-but wiped out by Freeza, he is glad to hear of Freeza's potential demise on Planet Namek. Now they can conquer the galaxy without him!
His treachery is not looked upon favorably. 
This colony's Commander, another Kewie-jin, comes out in favor of loyalty to Freeza. After all, he has raised each of their clans - from all the races he has taken into the fold - to a level higher than they could hope to attain on their own.
But then, a surprising reading comes in from Namek. Not only is Freeza alive... 
... but someone else is, too. And his Battle Power is much higher than Freeza's. 
Much, much higher. 
Son Goku: Scouter Wrecker

"You're finished, Freeza." Goku announces boldly.

And then, he takes the Kamehameha stance. 
"I-I... I am Freeza!!! You're telling me that I'm finished?!"
(Yes. Yes I believe he is.

Gohan, with Piccolo, has finally come to Goku's Capsule ship, and there he is met by his fretting mother on the monitor. 
Muten Roshi and Chichi question him about Goku and Kuririn, but he hasn't the time to give detailed answers. 
He has to find Bulma, and then help his father. 

"Fool. You expect me to die? It is you who will die."
"I can continue to live, even in the vacuum of space. I wonder though, how about you Saiyans?"

In his desperation, Freeza has powered up his mighty ki and thrown it directly at the Planet Namek's core, intending to blow up the entire planet!!!

Kaio-sama and the B-Team mourn the loss of their heroes. Though Goku proved stronger than Freeza, it ultimately mattered not. 
About that time, Kami-sama telepathically contacts Kaio, letting them all know that Mr. Popo will nearly have the seven Dragon Balls ready to bring Tenshinhan and Yamcha back to life. Chaozu, who has already been wished back once when killed by Piccolo Daimao, cannot be wished back again.
But Kami-sama is alive!! Which means... 
Piccolo - as well as Gohan, Bulma, and Son Goku - is alive!!! 

"Hmph! I restrained my power too much..." Freeza mutters.
"That's because you were fearful of being caught in the planet's explosion. You failed. As a result, I've hung on to life."
"Hung on to life, you say? You don't seem to understand at all, do you? You have avoided the planet's instantaneous explosion, but I've completely destroyed its core. Do you understand what that means?"
"Five more minutes, and then Planet Namek will undergo a great explosion, turning it into space dust."
"Five minutes will be plenty." 

Freeza promises to show Goku 100% of his true power, but Goku reckons he knows why Freeza hasn't powered up already; His body can't take it for long, and he merely wishes to stall for time. But with five minutes left (that's Space Minutes, by the way. Space Minutes last much longer than regular minutes because of time dilation.), the ultimate showdown before the end of Planet Namek is now underway!!!

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