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Dragon Blog's 1 Year Anniversary!! Biba Sen'nin Arrives Bearing Self-Indulgence

May is a historically big month for the Dragon Blog. We've had Piccolo Day this month. Son Goku has turned SSJ for the first time. We've reached Dragon Ball Z episode 100. The epically long Freeza Saga will close out this month. And of course, 1 year ago, today, I started this blog with a simple dream; Watch Dragon Ball and make you have to read about it.

Well, if you're here now, then it's mission successful.

And now, for a compilation of my favorite posts, made by me, about my own posts. Me. Me me me. Me.

The Best of Dragon Blog!

(If you read all of those, I'll owe you a pizza party.)

And finally, our dear sweet friend AMF gave me this as a gift;

You can follow her on tumblr at her personal blog or her Yamcha blog (I know, I'm surprised too), or follow her art at her deviantArt.

The positive response to this blog has been really overwhelming. I can't express into words how much doing this has helped me. And although it may seem silly to anyone reading this, I didn't expect any of you to show up for this. Any of you. That you have means you have a spot in my heart for all of eternity. Even if you're a dub fan.

With lots of hugs and kisses, yours
Biba Sen'nin

UPDATE: Our friend Derek Padula of The Dao of Dragon Ball book AND blog has interviewed me for his "fan focus" segment. Between you and me, we talked for an hour and a lot was cut out, because I can talk about this shit for days. That said, he took my ramblings and turned it into a great story about how Dragon Ball, and Dragon Blog, has shaped my life - for the better! Check it out!

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