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Spotlight: For You by Master Gohan

Back in the early 2000s, there was a Dragon Ball Z fansite by the name of Majin Planet. (Which has, apparently, relaunched itself - take a look here.) Apart from anything else, this was a website with a lot of Dragon Ball Z AMVs. This was at the height of the so-called "Linkin Ball Z" days (coined because of how often people would pair Linkin Park with Dragon Ball Z) when Majin Planet would host a regular event called Fight Club. Different AMVs, picked by Majin Planet's revolving cast of webmasters, would participate in a Tenka-ichi Budokai style tournament; With the visitors of Majin Planet picking the winner of each round. The winners were often quite incredible videos. But I couldn't tell you half of them now. One does, however, remain in my consciousness to the point that I still rewatch every few months. And it always gets an emotional reaction out of me.

I'm speaking about "For You", a video by "Master Gohan". I do not know who Master Gohan is; neither does the person who uploaded this AMV to YouTube. Suffice it to say though, if you're reading this "Master Gohan", yours is possibly my favorite Dragon Ball Z fan creation, bar none.

I hope I'm not overselling this. I really love this video. And now that the Freeza Saga is all-but wrapped up, I can present to you... For You. Music by Skillet, the song "Collide".

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