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SUPER SAIYAN SWEAT: Dragon Ball Workout Jams

Summer is nearly upon us, my fellow Ballers. (That's right, I just called you Ballers.) And with summers comes bathing suits. And will bathing suits, comes shame. BUT NOT ANYMORE!! No one works out more hardcore than our hero, Son Goku. So you've only got a few weeks until bikini season officially starts? Goku only had 6 days before he had to take on the Ginyu Tokusentai. YOU'VE GOT PLENTY OF TIME.

To aid you all on this muscle quest, I'm introducing this unofficial (and potentially illegal) compilation, SUPER SAIYAN SWEAT: Dragon Ball Workout Jams. This compilation is full of the most fist-pumping Dragon Ball songs. Don't believe me? CHECK OUT THIS SETLIST.

1 We Gotta Power (Dragon Ball Z opening 2)
2 Kusuburu Heart ni Hi o Tsukero!! (Budokai 2 opening)
3 POWER OF DREAMER (Revenge of King Piccolo opening)
4 Cha La Head Cha La (Animetal cover)
5 The Biggest Fight ~Clash~ (Final Bout opening)
6 Mezase Tenka-ichi (Tenka-ichi Budokai theme)
7 SAIYAN BLOOD (Vegeta theme)
8 Wolf Hurricane (Yamcha theme)
9 Makafushigi Adventure (Animetal cover)
10 Solid State Scouter (Bardock theme)
11 Super Survivor (Sparking METEOR opening)
12 Moeru Heart De ~Red Ribbon Gun wo Yattsukero~ (Goku vs the RR Army theme)
13「F」(Maximum the Hormone's Freeza tribute)
14 Saikyo wa no Fusion (Movie 12 ending)
15 Chou☆Super Dragon Soul (Super Saiyan Goku theme)
16 Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai (Budokai 3 opening)

The whole thing clocks in at 61 minutes exactly, giving you the perfect hour long workout routine.


"I used SUPER SAIYAN SWEAT with my cardio, and now I can deflect bullets with my chest." 
"I used SUPER SAIYAN SWEAT daily, and my ass looks fantastic in my speedo."
"I listened to these fucking songs every day and I STILL CAN'T BEAT FUCKING KAKAROTTO GOD DAMN IT!!!!"

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