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Dragon Ball Z ep 107 - Son Goku Survived -- The Z Warriors All Resurrected!!

Due to a loophole in Kaio-sama's jurisdiction, it appears as though Kuririn and Goku cannot be returned to life by Porunga. (Which still doesn't make sense to me but whatever Dragon Ball.) That is, until Vegeta reminds everyone that you can simply wish for Kuririn and Goku's spirits to be brought back to Earth, and then wish them back. (Which contradicts the way the check-in station is established in the Saiyan Saga but argh fuck it.) The united Earthlings and Namekians celebrate Vegeta's ingenuity. 

(Though Vegeta is only in it to see Goku's hot body again.)

A grateful Son Gohan makes to thank Vegeta for his efforts.
(Completely forgetting/forgiving the events of the last episode.)
"Thank you, Vegeta-san."
"Still a dick."

It will take 130 days for the Namekian Dragon Balls to reactivate (that being the length of a year on Planet Namek), so Bulma offers Grand Elder Muuri and his people a safe haven at Capsule Corp. HQ in Metro West. She even offers the same treatment to Vegeta - given that he has no money and likely eats like 'Son-kun'.

"And um, Vegeta-kun, wasn't it?" 
She offers him the place to stay, but with a caveat...
"No matter how attractive you might say I am, you can't do anything naughty!"
"W-what a vulgar woman! To say that with such a loud voice!"
(Besides honey, it's Kakarotto this Prince wants to bone.)

Gohan asks if he can stay with Bulma too...
... as he forgot to do his homework.

And so, Dr. Brief takes everyone back to Metro West, where the Namekians, and Vegeta, will be staying for the two-thirds of a year.

Mrs. Panty Brief is quite pleased to see Vegeta.
"Is this gentleman your boyfriend, Bulma? What a handsome young man, and so trendy!"

Dr. Brief shows Vegeta the curious spaceship made from the plans of Goku's space-pod. Vegeta recognizes it as the same type Goku landed on Planet Namek in (even though he never saw it?), and later on he steals it to find a place to train, in space. (Just bein' a dick.)

"I want your body."

So for the next 130 days, the Namekians spend their time peacefully among the Earthlings.

And once the Dragon Balls have returned...
... they summon the dragon god Porunga.

Their first wish is to bring Goku and Kuririn's spirits to Earth, but it is only half successful - Goku is still alive!! And he tells them, through Porunga, that he will return to Earth shortly of his own accord. (It's at this point that Vegeta steals the Capsule Corp. spaceship.) Muten Roshi has his own theory why Son Goku would not return by method of the Dragon Balls...

"He's afraid of his wife! So the greatest in the universe is the Super Saiyan Son Goku's wife, is it?!" 

For their second wish, Kuririn is returned to life!
And then, Yamcha!
130 days later, they summon Porunga again...
And this time, Tenshinhan and Chaozu are returned to life.
And for their final wish, the Namekians transport themselves to a new planet.
The new Planet Namek.

Gohan and Dende say a tearful goodbye, but it is not a time to be sad. Freeza has been defeated, and nearly all those killed in the conflict that started with Son Goku landing on the Planet Earth 25 years ago have been returned to life.

And the Earth is at peace.

(For like, a few months, then shit gets cray cray.)

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