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Dragon Ball Z ep 109 - Black Mist of Terror...!! Everyone Turns Demonic

Garlic Jr. has taken over the Temple of the Heavenly Realm, proclaiming himself Kami. With Kami-sama and Mr. Popo imprisoned, he did so unopposed. And then, he unleashed his father's deadly Aquamist (Isn't that name redundant?), which will turn all of the people of Earth into Demon Clan mind-slaves.

Now he seeks the Dragon Balls to revive his father from his tomb in the Heavenly Realm. And also, his revenge on Son Goku, Piccolo, and Son Gohan.

Meanwhile, at Kame House, something much more interesting is happening;

Ass 'n titties,
(Kuririn's karmic return from the universe for it having killed him twice.

("This is my favorite Saga yet. 8 stars out of 3.")

Just then, Chichi arrives in a fucking jet. 
And she wants to know where her Gohan-chan is. 

Maron makes her way over to Chichi, and asks her to kindly mellow out; Which would be fine, except she does it entirely in baby-talk and calls Chichi "Auntie". But despite Maron's youth, and her pretty features, she has made the biggest mistake of her life...

"Y-you're going to pay for that... How... dare you... HOW DARE YOU?!" 
Summoning a storm with his fury, something has changed in Chichi's heart.  
Something unlocked, once buried deep within her very core. 
Only now, in her pure, blinding rage, can she see the truth.  
"W-wh-what the hell ARE YOU?!"
"As you are surely well aware... I am Gyumao's daughter who came from home to pick up my son. Despite my calm, motherly heart, I am the legendary warrior, awakened by intense anger."


Kuririn does his best to get Maron away from the Overbearing Super Mom, Chichi, by taking her into the water. But as they dip under the ocean, the Watermist meets its match... water. Chichi, Muten Roshi, Yamcha, Bulma, Puar, and Oolong are all turned into Demon Clansmen.

Gohan arrives just then, riding Haiya Dragon. His loyal filler-steed protected Gohan from the Redundant Mist by shoving them both in a cave. As such, Haiya Dragon knows about the mist, but Gohan does not.

Gohan is sure happy to see everyone again!
... Until he's told that his mom came here ahead of him. 

Maron talks Kuririn into taking the fall for Gohan, so the three of them leave the water to apologize.

But the change to a Demon Clansmen is already complete. 
And so, Gohan must fight his own mother!! 
(Gohan has a really hard life...

But before our heroes are forced to put their friends and family down, Garlic Jr.'s generic minions arrive. And their mind-slave friends become docile. They've come to kidnap Gohan, so that Goku will come after Garlic Jr. to rescue him - again. Only this time, Garlic Jr. plans to win their fight. Gohan shouts for them to return his mother back to normal, but they state that only the Ultra Holy Water can revive them. (Not to be confused with the Super Spirit Water, or the Super Sacred Water.)

Gohan doesn't stand a chance against them. 
But they weren't expecting someone else to come to Gohan's aid. 

The Demon Clansmen crowd around Piccolo, keen to take him back to their master as well. But Piccolo, the "crowned prince" of demons, doesn't so much as bat an eyelid.

PS - does anyone else love it so much that Chichi can Kaioken but Chaozu and Yamcha cannot? Mmmm, hurts -so- good.

For the record, Tenshinhan can definitely Kaioken.
"Who's Filler King now?!"

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