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Dragon Ball Z ep 110 - The Heavenly Realm is the Battlefield!! Piccolo Becomes Devilish Again...

Garlic Jr.'s generic minions (the so-called "Four Monarchs", whatever the fuck that means) have surrounded Piccolo. But our hero is unperturbed.

"Hmph. Garlic Jr. There was once someone so foolish that he fell into a Dead Zone of his own making, and couldn't get out. Wasn't that his name?"

The generic minions explain how the Makyo World, home planet of the Demon Clan, approached Earth in its orbit around the universe (I don't think that's how space works but okay). As their home planet, the Demon Clan receive a significant boost in power when their world is close; Utilizing that, Garlic Jr. broke himself out of his Dead Zone.

And now that he is immortal, and Kami-sama is defeated, Garlic Jr. is the unopposed Kami for all of eternity. And with the power of the redundantly titled Aquamist, all of Earth has been turned into Demon Clansman (excepting a few key people but okay) - and after 24 hours, not even the Ultra Holy Water can reserve its effects. (Are you following this? This is like 8 minutes of exposition here.) As a former member of the Demon Clan, the generic minions offer Piccolo a place at Garlic's feet. All will be forgiven from their last encounter, should Piccolo accept.

He doesn't. 

Striking out at the generic minions, Piccolo is attacked... 
... by Yamcha!! 
("Oh yeah, I'm still Filler King, baby."

Gohan rushes to his mentor's aid, but Piccolo shouts for him, and Kuririn, to leave now for the Heavenly Realm; It's up to them to get the Good Water to undo the effects of the Bad Water. (Water = good. Aqua = bad.) Reluctantly obeying, Gohan flies off with Kuririn for Karin Tower.

And Piccolo is overtaken by Yamcha.

Maron and Haiya Dragon decide to come to the Heavenly Realm too. And because she threatens withhold the pussy, Kuririn allows it.

Our heroes arrive and meet the master of Karin Tower, Karin-sama. (Yajirobe is there, too.)

Maron likes Karin a lot. 
"Cut that out!!!"

Instead of waiting for Gohan and Kuririn to explain their plight, Karin reads their mind as he did Son Goku all those years ago. He warns them that the Ultra Awesome Super Duper Water will be really hard to get to, as Garlic has likely planned for their arrival. But too late; They've already left, leaving Maron and Haiya Dragon in Karin and Yajirobe's care.

"How do you expect me to look after this loud young lady?!"
"Cut that out!!!"

At length, Gohan and Kuririn make it to Kami's Temple.
And Garlic Jr. is waiting to greet them. 

And so is Piccolo... 
... with his new allies.

Bitten by Demon Yamcha, Piccolo has been infected by the Evilmist of Darkness, reverting him back to a member of the Demon Clan! How will Gohan and Kuririn save the world if their most powerful ally is now their strongest foe?! (Gee, I dunno, call Tenshinhan and Chaozu?)

Deep within the outer reaches of space...
... the home world of the Litts, a race which worked under Freeza, has been completely annihilated.
By Vegeta

Vegeta interrogates the only surviving Litt - a Saiyan, calling himself Son Goku, where is he? The Litt doesn't know; He assumed Vegeta was the last of his filthy monkey race. Vegeta scowls, then tells the Litt warrior to tell Freeza, when he sees him in the Next World, that he will be the one to ultimately defeat Kakarotto, the man who killed him. The Litt doesn't believe him. Freeza, beaten by a monkey?

"Naive, to the very end." 

As Vegeta prepares to depart the now-depopulated world, he makes a solemn vow to Goku; 
There ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you...

PS - make your own Advice Yamchas!
If you put yours in the comments, and I get enough, I'll make a spotlight post with them! Get creative!

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