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Dragon Ball Z ep 112 - Retrieve Everyone's Minds!! The Ultra Holy Water Resting in the Temple

Atop the Heavenly Realm, Gohan faces off against the mind controlled Piccolo. After heroically defeating two of Garlic Jr.'s generic minions (sometimes called the Four Monarchs but you don't care), Demon Clan Piccolo was unleashed on our boy hero. Little time remains before the Ultra Holy Water can reverse the effects of the Aquamist, so if he's going to win, he'd better win soon!

Well, okay, soon-ish. 

Meanwhile, Karin and Yajirobe play Old Maid with Maron.
And keep losing to her. 
"You can read minds, can'tcha? Why don'tcha just use that?" Yajirobe pleads.
"Quiet! I was reading her mind and still lost! This girl doesn't think anything!" 

Having won Karin's staff, magic water pots that see the past, present, and future, Super Spirit Water, Yajirobe's clothes, and sword, Maron tops off her winnings by getting the bell required to enter the Heavenly Realm.

Unwilling to be shut out, Karin bets the Nyoibo

Piccolo wickedly knocks his pupil around Kami's Temple...

Guy-Who-Looks-Like-Jheese and Daisuke Gori wonder why Piccolo is hogging all the fighting for himself. They consider the blood feud between their fathers, Piccolo Daimao and Son Goku, and think it likely that when Piccolo turned Demonic, his old hatred re-awoke.

As Gohan helplessly battles his beloved master, Kuririn takes up the job of stealing back Kami-sama and Mr. Popo! He may not be as strong as Gohan, but he has something none of the Saiyans have -- Monk-like subtly...!!! He is... Secret Agent Kuririn.

There's a man who leads a life of danger.
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger.
With every move he makes, 
another chance he takes.

(Shoulda listened to Johnny Rivers, bro.

Garlic Jr. retaliates against Kuririn for trying to fight against him; He beats him down with a volley of kicks, then knocks him far out of his throne room. As Kuririn lays there defenseless, Garlic prepares to finish him off with a gigantic ki blast... But Gohan bellows, throwing Piccolo off of him, and into the on-coming blast!!

(Lucked out there, 006*.)

Furiously, Piccolo leaps for Gohan, but Kuririn jumps in the way... 
 So it is then that Kuririn is taken by Piccolo... and bitten.

Piccolo beats Gohan all around Kami's Temple (even splitting himself into three different Piccolos), eventually knocking him into Kami's throne room. (Not the make-shift, phallic throne room Garlic made last episode.) There, Gohan catches sight of his goal; The Ultra Holy Water.

Well, that was easy. 
Oh, hey Kuririn. 

Piccolo and Kuririn have both become Demon Clansmen. Garlic Jr., Guy-Who-Looks-Like-Jheese, and Daisuke Gori crowd around our young hero, taunting him. He's all alone now. Kuririn and Piccolo beat Gohan into submission, and then Piccolo makes to finish him off...

"Didn't I say that I would strike the final blow?"
"So you did."  

Then Piccolo swipes Kami and Popo from Garlic's cloak, chucking them to Kuririn!!

Free at last! 
As it turns out, Piccolo was good the whole time. 
So much for Gohan being all alone.

*Kuririn is double-oh six because he has six incense marks on his forehead.

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