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Dragon Ball Z ep 115 - The Ultra Holy Water Worked!! The World Awakens From Its Nightmare

The seven currents of the world lie before Kami-sama and Mr. Popo; but their path is blocked by the immortal spirits of the past Kami, lying dormant in protection of the ancient Shinsenkai. But it is only through the seven currents that the Ultra Holy Water can spread quickly enough to undo the damage caused by Garlic Jr.'s Aquamist, and return the demonic humans back to normal.

Kami refuses to give up, despite his predecessor's insistence.
They try to suck the spirit from Kami's body, but his will is too strong... 
"So this is the revered form of the Kami that formerly governed over the Earth?" And Kami chuckles to himself, worrying Mr. Popo. "You are all-exalted, all-powerful, all-knowing Kami?" 
"How shameful of you!" He bellows at the spirits of his forefathers. "It is true, I am born of Planet Namek, an alien to this world. It is true that I have been an inferior Kami to you. However, I love this Earth more than any of you, and have the same love for all living things upon it! My hope is to be able to die for those people." 

Meanwhile, atop the Heavenly Realm, Garlic Jr. absorbs the full strength of the approaching Makyo World. Gohan, Piccolo, and Kuririn have their work cut out for them, if they're to prevent him from winning the duel for the possession of Planet Earth.

Gohan successfully pummels Garlic into submission, and then rips through his back and launches a powerful Masenko! But the immortal Garlic merely gathers himself back up, filling in his stomach wound with brand new flesh (and organs I guess).

("Ah, biscuits.")

Okay. Now, at this point, I know what some of you are thinking:
"lol krillin jus got pwn'd".
First of all, it's Kuririn. Second of all, this.

Kuririn motherfucker.

Kuririn's assault and Kamehameha sent Garlic crashing under the surface of the Heavenly temple. He crawled his way out, aided by his immortality; He isn't happy about that last attack in the slightest. Out of ki, Kuririn can do nothing but get taken by the Makyo fueled monster.

But nobody messes with Piccolo's little buddy. 

Back at Karin Tower, Yajirobe and Maron spend the evening doing freaky foot fetish shit.

After a rousing session of BDSM femdom with Maron as the master, Maron walks over to the edge of the tower to watch the sun rise.

Karin feels grim, knowing it isn't long yet before the Aquamist is permanent.  
"Cut that out!"

At length, Kami hands the Ultra Holy Water to Mr. Popo, realizing the former Kami only wish to punish him. 
Kuririn and Piccolo try to take down Garlic, but he dodges the blast Gohan fires and shakes them off. 
But his schemes have come to an end. The Ultra Holy Water has been unleashed. 

Garlic Jr. has been pushed to the edge. Though immortal, he cannot seem to kill our heroes. So he does the only trick left up his sleeve; Predictably and conveniently forgetting how he was defeated last time, Garlic Jr. opens a Dead Zone.

(Good work, jackass.)

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