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Dragon Ball Z ep 117 - You're My Guy... Kuririn -- A 101st Proposal

A vague amount of time has passed since the defeat of Garlic Jr. One fine morning, Kuririn and Maron find themselves out shopping in (what I believe is) Metro West, when Maron begins dropping some hints about the future of their relationship. She tells Kuririn that she wants...

This pretty wedding dress, 
this handsome car, 
and this cute little house! 
And Kuririn at last sees his dreams coming true...

(Things to look for; Senbei Norimaki, Ten's button down shirt, and Vegeta dressed in pink.)
"Lucky you, Kuririn!"

Of course, this isn't as strange and sudden as it may seem to you; We can surmise its been about a year since Kuririn was revived, and perhaps the two of them have been dating the entire time? There's even an implication that the two of them live together, given that an apartment is shown with their picture in it. It could be Kuririn's own apartment, sure, but why would he move out of Kame House to live on his own in the city?

From this, we can infer one important detail:
Kuririn hit that.
Hit it hard.

Back at Kame House, all of Umigame's friends have gathered to celebrate his 1,000th birthday. (Okay, so Muten Roshi tricked them all into attending; But when they saw how touched Umigame was, they decided to stay. Except for Lunch, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu, who couldn't be reached for comment.)

Kuririn and Maron arrive, and assume the cake is to celebrate their potential engagement. Obviously it isn't, as Maron still hasn't met Muten Roshi's requirement to marry his pupil.

Pafu pafu.

But that night, Kuririn wallows in his own insecurities. Perhaps Maron would be happier with a richer, more handsome man? That is when Umigame tells Kuririn to seek out the Mermaid's Tear, which is said to make anyone happy. (I love vague legends!) Conveniently enough, the Mermaid's Tear is located near Kame Island! (Which means this story can be wrapped up in 22 minutes.)

Kuririn decides that this Mermaid's Tear will be Maron's engagement ring!
Henshin! Scuba Kuririn!
Plus, Gohan is there too.
(Gohan is pretty cut for a 6 year old.)

Meanwhile, Maron is bored, so she decides to flirt with Yamcha.
Ladies can't resist.

At length, Gohan and Kuririn find that Mermaid's Tear, but they discover it is a pearl held in high regard by the creatures of the ocean. Gohan, being his father's son, thinks they shouldn't take it from them, and Kuririn, getting his moral cues from a mountain child, agrees. So after all that, Kuririn only has one course of action to take...

Deciding he could never make Maron happy, he breaks up with her.
She's confused and saddened, as she wanted to be his bride.
Wait... his bride?

(Yeah, Kuririn, you shallow motherfucker. You think just because a superhot babe who likes flirting with your best friend and wearing skimpy clothes dates you, that she expects you to buy her expensive shit to make her happy? No bro. She liked you. Because you're motherfucking Kuririn.)

Realizing his mistake, Kuririn turns to chase after her...
But it's too late, and Maron rides off into the sunset with another man.
(Okay, that was fast.)
But Kuririn, in the true playa' way, doesn't even care.
No, he doesn't care at all.

Play us out, Kuririn...!!

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