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Dragon Ball Z ep 119 - I Will Defeat Freeza... The Mysterious Youth Awaiting Goku

"We'll be going to Earth next, Papa."

That's right, folks; Freeza is alive. After all the beatings he took from Piccolo, Gohan, Goku, and finally Super Saiyan Goku, Freeza managed to live in space with only half his face after a planet fucking exploded around him. (I'm almost pretty sure that's not how space works.) And now, he and his father, King Cold, are off to Earth to revenge themselves on Son Goku for daring to be stronger than a member of their clan. Oh, also, King Cold is stronger than Freeza. (So all that talk about Freeza being the strongest and most fearsome in the universe by, uh, everyone? All liars. Even Kaio-sama.)

Gohan and Kuririn fly off toward Freeza's approaching ki, bracing themselves for the coming battle. Kuririn remarks how he's positive that it's Freeza; he could never forget his ki after what it did to him. (Y'know, how he died.) Yamcha and Vegeta are already at the battlefield, however... (And for some reason, Bulma and Puar too.)

"Remember that time I had you killed?"
"Just bein' a dick."

Bulma says something about wanting to see Freeza, since he's going to blow up the planet anyway. Vegeta thinks that this is pretty brave of her. (LOL SOLID GROUNDS FOR A RELATIONSHIP GUYS, LET'S GET TO THE FANFICTION.) Puar doesn't even know what the fuck.

"Why is this show still on?"

Then, Tenshinhan and Chaozu arrive on the scene. Ten takes one look at Vegeta and offers to rearrange his face for him (maybe less forehead this time) - given that he, oh I dunno, had him and his boyfriend killed. Vegeta likes the idea of a fight, but Yamcha acts like a bitch and breaks it up. (Nice going, Yamcha.)

And Piccolo's there too.

Vegeta tells everyone to repress the ki in the fashion Piccolo has been doing, otherwise Freeza will spot them on his Scouters. Gohan and Kuririn arrive, informing everyone that Goku still isn't back from space, and so they'll need to do this on their own. Yamcha starts pussying out because Freeza is really strong, and it feels like a pretty flagrant break in character, but then again he did just die. (But then, so did Kuririn. Twice. And he's not bitching.) This happens just in time, too, because then...

King Cold...
... Lord Freeza ...
... and their small army of 22 men have arrived, to wipe out every living person on Earth.
... okay, make that 19 men.

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