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Dragon Ball Z ep 120 - Freeza Halved in a Single Stroke!! Another Super Saiyan

"I've come to kill you." 
Uh huh.

A strange human teenager appearing from nowhere, only to slice King Cold's elite into pieces, and then proclaim that he's arrived to kill Freeza. Freeza and his Papa aren't the least bit frightened, though a bit amused; They know about Freeza already, on such a far off, backwater planet? How flattering, Freeza thinks. Then the super-cool teen states something even more chilling... he won't be going easy on him as Son Goku did.

Unable to take the child seriously (especially given his Battle Power of "5"), Freeza sends his mooks to deal with the boy.

Things don't work out for them.

("Oh no, my nipples!")
("I cut them.")
("I'm the only one around here who doesn't have nipples.")

Then the young warrior makes one more startling revelation; Their wait for the Super Saiyan is already over. As, you see, he is a Super Saiyan the same as Son Goku.

Cold and Freeza are deeply amused by this.
This human child? A Super Saiyan?

Except then he actually does it.

Our collected heroes are shocked by the dramatic increase in ki.
Gohan realizes it's the same ki his father had on Namek.
A second Super Saiyan revealed, Vegeta poops himself.
And then Freeza poops himself too.

Recalling his desperate battle against the Super Saiyan Son Goku...
... Freeza immediately lashes out at the teenager!!
("Don't you dare fucking say it.")

Using the same technique Freeza unleashed on the entire Planet Vegeta, he and King Cold stand by at a job well done. (Have to call bullshit at this part; Kaio-sama says that Freeza's attack is ten times that of the attack used to destroy Namek's core. Even if it blew up on the surface, it should have done a fuck load more damage.) After nearly destroying Planet Earth four times, Freeza relaxes to wait out the remaining three hours before Goku's arrival, happy for a warm up.

Except not yet. 
The other Super Saiyan remains, and he still has his signature technique...!!!


("I hate you. I hate you so fucking much.")


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