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Spotlight: "F" by Maximum the Hormone MAD

In 2008, the Japanese Nu Metal band Maximum the Hormone released a single titled Tsume Tsume Tsume/F. The second track of this double A side, "F", played a special importance to the Dragon Ball fan community; It's lyrics contain a plethora of lyrics references Dragon Ball Z's first two major Sagas, and the chorus features the now-infamous (in online DBZ communities, thanks to Team Four Star) chanting of "FREEZA! FREEZA! FREEZA! FREEZA!"

Around the time of this song's growing popularity (well before it was featured in DBZ Abridged), an AMV was released onto YouTube by a now unknown (to me...) author, titled Freeza by Maximum The Hormone MAD F ×DRAGON BALL Z. As the video grew and gained hits, Toei had it removed from YouTube, and it was lost to obscurity. But nothing is ever lost on the internet, and in April, someone reuploaded the original, subtitled statement on fascism and Freeza... 'F' by Maximum the Hormone, starring Freeza.

Enjoy (before Toei takes it down again).

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