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Spotlight: Music and Dub comparisons

There's a lot of talk on the Dragon Ball fan community about the various dubs of the series throughout the world. Perhaps the most divisive dub is the American, FUNimation produced dub - at least within the English speaking fan community. You either love it or hate it, for better or worse. Anyone who has followed DBlog at all over the last year and change can likely guess which version of the show I prefer watching, just due to how I write about the show. But I'm interested in hearing how you feel.

Here's some clips from around YouTube (work is credited to the YouTubers who posted them), which compare the original Dragon Ball Z production in Japan, to the American FUNimation production. The last video includes comparisons to the Mexican, German, Hungarian, and Italian dubs as well. Pretty interesting stuff.

Watch the videos, then comment below. Enjoy.

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