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Dragon Ball Z: Clash!! Ten-Billion Powerful Warriors (DBZ Movie 6)

Far across the galaxy from Earth, the Namekians have settled on a new planet in a distant solar system: New Namek. Lead by the new Grand Elder, Muuri, the last few years since leaving Earth have been years of peace. And in that time one of their number, Dende, has come to Earth to take over the mantle of Kami. But as darkness looms over New Namek, Dende once again must summon the forces of his Earthling friends to see to the protection of his people, against not a new threat, but a familiar one indeed...

Seeing his people once more subjugated by invaders, a young Warrior Namekian strikes out with resistance...
... but he is no match for the mechanical matrons of the strange planet-eating star.
Son Gohan, however, is.

Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, and Kuririn are the taskforce assembled to reclaim New Namek.
And for some reason, Muten Roshi, Yajirobe, and Oolong are there too.

(Feeling marginalized yet?)

When out of the mechanical minions steps...


Reborn from the power of the Big Gete Star, Coola and the Star have traveled across the universe consuming planets for energy. It is fortuitous that Son Goku and his allies have come here, because it was Coola's next intention to travel to Earth and extract his revenge. They have now saved him the trouble.

Let's break this down so we're all on the same page. Coola merged with the mecha planet called the Big Gete Star, Big Gete Star came to New Namek to eat it for fuel, Goku-tachi have arrived on New Namek to save it from the Big Gete Star, and now Coola is taking the opportunity to get revenge for his defeat on Earth.


Despite their best efforts (even a solid effort from Muten Roshi), the heroes from Earth are no match for the strength of the mechanical menaces. That is, until Piccolo uses strategy.

Piccolo's plan is simple: Focus all their ki into every single punch, kick, etc.
A lot of times.
It works.
Well, mostly works.

Though a solid effort, Kuririn and Gohan are still kidnapped and taken by to the Big Gete Star. Only Piccolo remains to face down the hoard of machine hit-men. How will Piccolo escape this one?!

Oh. Like that.
(Why didn't you do that from the beginning?)

Meanwhile, Goku and Coola size each other up. The battle for New Planet Namek, and the final battle for the honor of Coola's clan, begins now.

Coola's new mechanical form proves to be too much for Goku, even using a high powered Kaioken! Using the same technique as he did at the end of their last battle, Coola makes to finish our hero off quickly.

However, the Instantaneous Movement proves quick enough to dodge Coola's assault.
Ready for the twist?
Coola knows Instantaneous Movement, too.

Backed into a corner, Super Saiyan Goku bursts forth.
And he ain't taking Coola's shit.
Fuck yeah.
Wait wait wait.
Double crap.
Triple crap.

Coola reveals his ultimate new ability - His new body cannot be broken, as the Big Gete Star will only repair it, and reinforce it so that the same break will not happen again. All damage to Coola only makes him stronger. (So he's like a robo Saiyan. How do your hacks feel on the other foot, Goku?)

(Gonna guess not good.)

... When suddenly...!!
Vegeta is in this bitch.
And he's a Super Saiyan.
Well, shit.

Meanwhile, aboard the Big Gete Star, the Earthlings and Namekians have been taken to the station where they'll be hacked up into bits and then ground into fuel.

("Hey, Vegeta... I think if we attack him together at full power, we can beat him.")
("Don't tell me what to do, Kakarotto!!")
("Uh... Don't attack him with me at full power?")

Using all their strength, the two Super Saiyans managed to defeat their greatest foe.

Coola is shattered into smithereens, unable to repair.

Except then another Metal Coola.
A lot of another Metal Coola.
"I guess there's nothing to do but fight..." Goku chuckles.
"Damn, I'm getting dizzy..." Vegeta says hoarsely.
(Excuse me a minute, bloody nose.)

When our heroes next awake, they are tied up on a darkened control room. Their bodies are linked directly into the Big Gete Star's power systems, where Coola intends to use them for fuel.

And Coola's true form is revealed.

Coola explains to them how the Big Gete Star started from a single sentient microchip.

Over time, drifting through space, it amassed and absorbed all technology it came across. And by some accident of fate, it came across what remained of Coola, adrift in space. His conscious mind fused with the Big Gete Star's core, he rebuilt his body and began a crusade across the universe to grow the Big Gete Star even larger and more powerful. And using their Super Saiyan power, he will do just that.

However, Coola miscalculated.
And the strength of two Super Saiyans proves too much for the Star to handle!
An army of Metal Coolas come after our heroes, until...

Piccolo and the others catch up to Goku and Vegeta, but Goku shouts for them to leave the Big Gete Star. He'll join them on Namek once he's taken care of the real Coola.

So once again, it's Goku vs Coola.
"It is not possible for you to defeat me!"
"Even if you know it's impossible, sometimes you have to do it anyway!!!"
"Is there such a thing as impossible for us?"
And with that final tag-team blow, Son Goku and Vegeta destroyed the last of Freeza's family.

Well... almost the last.

Once again, Son Goku and his friends have saved the universe.
(In a completely irrelevant, non-canon situation.)

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