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Dragon Ball Z ep 121 - Heya!! Its Been Awhile... Son Goku Returns

In a flash of steel and ki, Freeza, overlord of the universe, is dead. (For real this time. Until Movie 12. And then until DBGT.) The mysterious young Super Saiyan hardly needing to exert himself at all to slay the being responsible for the destruction of Planet Namek, Planet Vegeta, Planet Alderaan, Planet Draenor, and countless, nameless other worlds throughout the vast galaxy. (A vast galaxy which we will never see again, until GT. The "Z" stands for "Ze Biggest Missed Opportunities", said in a french accent.

Just then, King Cold and the boy land on a plateau below and stare at each other.


After fully admiring the green of the boy's Super Saiyan eyes, King Cold offers him a place as his new son; As the strongest in the universe, he surely has earned a right to join the Cold Clan. But he'll need a chilling name... like Chilling. "Chilling" declines his offer, so then King Cold makes another request; He wants to touch his sword. (Not his penis, his actual sword.)

 King Cold surmises that, without this blade, he could not have beaten Freeza.
 Predictably, he uses the boy's sword against him.
 And also predictably, he is wrong about his assumption.

King Cold begs for his life, offering the Super Saiyan ownership of Earth - and throws in the rest of the planets of our solar system, too.

The Super Saiyan responds accordingly;
 And then blows up their spaceship too, because fuck science.

 Meanwhile, our heroes need a change of underwear.

The kid invites our heroes to join him to meet up with Son Goku! Surprisingly, he says he knows where Goku will land, and that it will be in three hours time. Tenshinhan wonders if he's someone Goku met in space (and it would have been way cooler if he was...), but Chaozu thinks he looks too comfortable on Earth. Vegeta froths at the mouth, trying to figure out how there could be another Saiyan! Other than himself, Goku, Gohan, Tarble, Broly, and Paragas... there's like, no Saiyans! Plus, Saiyans only have black hair

Except for him sometimes.

 To make everyone comfortable, he offers them soda pops.
 "There aren't any roofies in there, are there?"
 "Because I wouldn't mind if there was~!"

Oedipus The young Saiyan spends the next three hours answering their questions and glancing at Vegeta, to his annoyance. He won't tell them where he's from, or his name, but he does inform them he has never met Goku, only heard of him, and that he's 17 years old. (Vegeta then remembers that nightclub on Tatooine he, Raditz, and Nappa went to 17 years ago, and wonders now if he should have loaned them the Freeza Credits to get those hookers.) In this time, we also learn why Piccolo didn't leave to New Planet Namek with his people; He thinks their lifestyle is boring.

Because when I think party animal, I think Piccolo.

But sure enough, as three hours pass, a Ginyu Tokusentai space pod lands perfectly near the area the boy had told them... and out of the pod steps a very confused Goku.

("Oh lord he's even sexier than I remember."

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